PhoneGap-based Symbian platform tutorial

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◆ Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux

Of course, you also need the Symbian guide For Qt For Symbian and Sony Ericsson.

2,Install SDK + PhoneGap

Download and install cygwin (Windows only ). Make sure you select "make" because it is not built in by default.

Download the latest version of PhoneGap and decompress it.

3. Create a new project

◆ In cygwin, go to the location where you previously decompressed PhoneGap. Go to the Saipan directory.

4. Hello World

Open index.html in phonegap/symbian/framework/wwwwith your frequently-used editor. Under the body tag, delete the "Build your phonegap app here! Dude !" (Dude! Please build your PhoneGap application here !) Add the line

Enter make in cygwin/terminal. This generates phonegap-symbian.wrt/app. wgz.

5A, deploy to Simulator

◆ For Mac or Linux, you should install Aptana Studio and Nokia WRT plug-in for Apatana Studio. This has a browser-based JavaScript simulator.

◆ For Windows, you can download the S60 SDK containing the S60 simulator.

◆ Load the phonegap-symbian.wrt/app. wgz file into the simulator.

5B, deployed to the device

◆ Mount phonegap-symbian.wrt/app. wgz to the device using Bluetooth or email.

It's done!

You can also view the detailed guide here.

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