Programmer's article----How do you decompress? Share several programmer decompression sites ~

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Summary: work code, work is still playing code, every day by the code tortured tired Programmer we can finally take advantage of the mid-Autumn Festival to relax a little holiday. However, the small series believe that there may still be some ape apes fighting in the computer front, today's small series for everyone to serve a few super-good conscience website, help ape apes relax.

1. Calm

Website Link:

The site is like its name "peace", the site is designed through natural pictures (warm, flowing news, etc.) with the slow music, to help you in a short period of time to relax. At the same time you can not only set the relaxation time, but also can change the audio and image, etc., very fire of a website.

2. Do nothing for 2 Minutes

Website Link:

This site is simply to the extreme, and when you open it, it will automatically start ticking for 2 minutes, and you won't be able to touch the mouse and keyboard during this time, or 2 minutes will reset. So all you have to do at this time is put down your work and enjoy the sound of the waves quietly. This site is a good choice for minimalist people.

3. Get Relaxed

Website Link:

When you open get relaxed, the first feeling is that the site is a bit shabby, but the site's selection of music combined with the rotation of the pictures is enough to make your mind and body relax.

4. Loungev Studio

Website Link:

This is one of the most favorite Web site, open the site, show a warm living room screen, the right can choose video. The website not only offers HD pictures and music, but also natural scenery video display, beach, waterfall, underwater scenery and so on. Imagine lying on the couch, admiring the beauty and music ... Do you think it's beautiful with wood?

5. A Soft Murmur

Website Link:

This is a very amazing website that includes the sound of rain, the burning of matches, the sound of waves, the sound of the sea, the sounds of birds, and so on, which you can create by mixing different sounds and adjusting the volume yourself. It's great! But is this not good for relaxation? ==| |

6. Nature Sounds for Me

Website Link:

This is actually similar to the one above, but it offers a lot of natural sounds you can't imagine, such as the sound of the kitchen jingle and the horse's angry stomp, and these sounds are also free to match. Small series secretly tell you, do not try the bee buzzing sound, immediately make your head mess ...

7. Noisli

Website Link:

The most unique point of this site is that it can be based on your mood changes, choosing different background colors and music. In addition, the right side of the note design is also very user-friendly, you can enjoy the quiet time while the easy to remember something.

In fact, there are two sites I did not post out Ha, after all, I am also reproduced ~ Hey, the rest of the two site points here to see Oh ~

By the way to remind the vast number of developers, after work do not forget to properly relax themselves, release pressure, after all, the body is the capital of revolution!

Programmer's article----How do you decompress? Share several programmer decompression sites ~

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