Raspberry Pi Development Notes (1): Start Raspberry Pi 3b and run the Raspberry Pi system, raspberry 3b

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Raspberry Pi Development Notes (1): Start Raspberry Pi 3b and run the Raspberry Pi system, raspberry 3b
Raspberry Pi Development notes(I): Start Raspberry Pi3bThe Raspberry Pi system is successfully run.Preface

The new project requires Raspberry Pi to get started with Raspberry Pi's Development notes for the author to review and use in future development, and for the reader's reference. I would like to thank the netizens for studying and exploring Raspberry Pi together.

Raspberry Pi 3b

The purchased Raspberry Pi 3b has only one packing box, such:

Split, Raspberry Pi Ru interface:

From the hardware above, it is not enough to buy a pi and the accessories are incomplete.

The GPIO port can be used for power supply. We do not recommend that you directly use the GPIO port for power supply. micro USB should be used for power supply, so we also need to purchase:

1. For a micro SD card larger than 8 GB, the author uses 16 GB to fl the Raspberry Pi system. In order to swipe the card, a card reader is required.

2. purchase a micro usb data cable + Charging head (the head can reach 2A, otherwise there may be insufficient power supply ).

Accessory list:

16 GB card (more than 8 GB)

Micro sd Card Reader

Micro usb data cable

Charging head (5V2A, less than 2A may cause insufficient power supply, and 2A may also occur ).

Download Raspberry Pi System

Download the Raspberry Pi system from the official website or third-party website.

For example:

The noobs on the left contains the raspbain system on the right. After passing the noobs into the SD card, Raspberry Pi will install it on its own.

The raspbain system on the right is the Raspberry Pi system.

Point to the right to enter, such:

As mentioned here, no matter noobs on the left or raspbain on the right, two packages are provided for download, and the ones on the left are those with desktop GUI (recommended ), the right side is the lightweight version (without GUI ).

Both packages have been downloaded, and the left side can be used for development and debugging. The right side is most suitable for publishing products.

Raspberry Pi System

Download SoftwareWin32 Disk Imager

After installing the software, read the SD card on the PC and use the software to fl the system:


Write complete

View the SD card after writing


Run Raspberry Pi System

Insert the system SD card into Raspberry Pi.

Connect Related Devices (Power Supply + mouse key + hdmi), such:

A few flashes of green light indicate normal operation (the system is not up if no flash occurs, such as when no card is inserted ).

If the monitor runs normally, the display displays:

Click the upper-right corner to connect to the wireless wi-fi network and connect to the wired network.

Insufficient power supply

When the yellow lightning icon (such as) is displayed in the upper-right corner of the screen, it indicates that the power supply is insufficient. The author uses the Charging head of 1A, and the power supply is not good. The cable of 2A is used and the hdmi to vag is used, there is a certain amount of power loss, raspberry party power supply requirements are relatively high, you can connect to the wired network, the author uses wif, turn off the Bluetooth and audio output, reduce power.

Black screens and things often occur, but they do not temporarily affect our use.


I directly checked the USB to the laptop USB3, 0 power supply, there has been a yellow icon, but so far there has not been a short black screen phenomenon, it is estimated that as long as you change the 2A header, the Raspberry Pi of the author will not suffer from insufficient power supply (only keyboard mouse + hdmi to vga ).

Install Raspberry Pi Chinese Environment

The Chinese input method is valid only when the system supports Chinese characters;

Step 1: Install the Chinese Character Library

sudo apt-get install tty-wqy-zenhei

Step 2: configure the Chinese Environment

sudo raspi-config

Select "LocalisationOptions"

Select "Change Locale"

Flip to zh_CH.UTF-8UTF-8, note: use space to select

Press ENTER twice in a row and then reboot the system.

You can set him back to the English environment again (I need the English system to support Chinese Input ),

Install the Chinese input method because it is possible to directly develop and query relevant information on Raspberry Pi, so we need the Chinese Input Method: Step 1: Update
sudo apt-get update

Due to power supply problems, the Wi-Fi power is not stable enough, and the speed is only a few KB to 25%, so you can directly plug in the network cable and complete the update in a few seconds ).

Part 2: Install fcitx
sudo apt-get install fcitx
Step 3: Install fcitx PinYin Input
sudo apt-get install fcitx-pinyin
Step 4: Configure fcitx (PinYin) Right-click fcitx in the upper left corner, right-click the menu, and select Configuration

Configure Pinyin.

Supplement: An error occurred while saving Chinese characters in the English system environment, as shown in figure

After changing to the Chinese system, you can save it. Then, I should restart it and save it again. The specific cause is unknown. If you are interested, you can study it, you can leave a message or right-click the result and send it to your QQ mailbox.

Configure the ssh service

Raspberry Pi comes with the ssh service, but it is not started by default. You can use the visual interface configuration, because we need a lightweight system, only the command line, therefore, only the command line method is used to configure the ssh service.

Step 1: Start ssh
sudo touch /boot/sshsudo reboot
Part 2: Set the password

The system prompts you to set the password.

Open the terminal and enter

sudo passwd pi

After the password is set, no password is required for the next restart.

Step 3: Test ssh

Remote Logon: delete New desktop files

Raspberry Pi desktop has no New files

Set the keyboard layout to enter the characters on the number key. The display is different from the actual display because the keyboard layout is different.

Enter the command

sudo raspi-config

Open the configuration menu and select local

Select to change the keyboard layout

Select 101 standard keyboard

Select other

Selected English (US)

Select as shown in Figure

Default keyboard layout

Default buttons

Select No and reboot

After the restart, you can. If not, try power failure. Try plugging the USB keyboard.

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