Restaurant-to-store ordering system (APP)

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Restaurant-to-store ordering system (APP)

Requirements Analysis:

With the development of society, automation, technology products gradually entered the lives of people, it brings us more convenience. And today's society pay attention to paperless, put the menu into a point meal system, conducive to environmental protection. Through the ordering system can also improve the efficiency of the meal, reduce the manual calculation of the amount of errors, more convenient to save and analyze data.

Function module:

1. Classification: The classification of the dishes, convenient to find the next order

2. Recommended (Dishes): (1) Recommended dishes, (2) the customer's favorite dishes. Click on the recommended menu to see more information and order

3. Place order: View the selected dishes, generate order 1, automatically generate order 2 after adding a single, calculate the amount. After payment, you can evaluate the dishes.

4. Service: Call the waiter.

Restaurant-to-store ordering system (APP)

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