TortoiseSVN folder and file icons do not show solution --- 20150515, tortoisesvn does not have icons

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TortoiseSVN folder and file icons do not show solution --- 20150515, tortoisesvn does not have icons

Because your computer is win7 (64-bit), after TortoiseSVN is installed in the system, other functions can be used normally, but the icon is not displayed in the lower left corner of the folder or folder, this problem was encountered some time ago (no proper answer was found at that time). During this time, I learned how to use svn again. This problem was not solved, uncomfortable, and no icon was found, just like a war without a flag:


For SVN, because each icon represents a different meaning, it indicates a different state, it is the role of the indicator, if there is no correct icon, it is likely to cause data loss, etc.


Today we have found a solution to the problem;


Enter win + R, enter regedit, bring up the registry information, press Ctrl + F, and search "ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers" in the registry"

3. Add TortoiseAdded, TortoiseConflict ...... The TortoiseUnversioned names are 0 TortoiseAdded and 1 TortoiseConflict ...... 8 TortoiseUnversioned. For example:

After restarting the computer to update the Registry, an icon is displayed after the folder is connected to the server.

Principle: Windows Explorer Shell supports a maximum of 15 Overlay icons. Windows uses up to four Overlay icons, with only 11 available extensions. If you have installed software such as Groove before, they may have been deprived of these 11 locations, so they won't be able to get Tortoise. However, you can give Tortoise priority to adjust the alphabetic order of Tortoise icon names. In Windows, the icon names are displayed in alphabetical order.

If you encounter any problems, you can find a solution!



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