Vue jsx User Guide and vue. js method using jsx syntax, vue. jsjsx

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Vue jsx User Guide and vue. js method using jsx syntax, vue. jsjsx

The vue jsx syntax is different from the react jsx syntax, which is recorded here.

Let component = null // if statement if (true) {component = (<div> </div> );} else {component = (<div> </div>);} var ul = (<ul> {component} </ul>); // map statement var coms = limit. map (I =>{ return {<li >{ ul} </li >};}) // attribute <li onClick = {() => console. log ()}> // custom command let ctives ves = [{name: 'prod-img ', value: params. row. skn, modifiers: {skn: true}]; return (<div> </img> // expand attributes </div> ); // Custom filters are not recommended. Use foo (something) directly when the function is used. // methodsthis. foo () // model <I-input value = {params. row. factoryCode} placeholder = 'enter... 'oninput = {val => (params. row. factoryCode = val)} style = {width: '000000' }></I-input> // return (<Operator category-id = {this. categoryId} // bind product = {params. row} // bind onChange = {this. onChangeStatus }>// event binding </Operator>); // triplicate <div> 

Now let's take a look at how vue. js uses the jsx syntax.

1. Create a test component

export default { name:'Test', components:{ }, render(h){  return <div>   test  </div> }, data () {  return {  } }}

2. Set the js language version of the editor to jsx, so that the editor can correctly identify the jsx syntax.

3. Install npm Dependencies

 babel-plugin-syntax-jsx\ babel-plugin-transform-vue-jsx\ babel-helper-vue-jsx-merge-props\

4. Modify. babelrc

{ "presets": ["es2015"], "plugins": ["transform-vue-jsx"]}

I downloaded the vux template. After modification, the jsx format files are successfully packaged.


The above section describes the vue jsx User Guide and the jsx syntax used by vue. js. I hope it will be helpful to you!

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