What is the meaning behind Apple's WWDC?

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From the web to an analysis of Apple WWDC behind an article, the author of the article for Apple this year, "No bright spot" of the WWDC conference made a summary, from the developer's perspective, from the overall Apple strategic perspective of the Apple WWDC the meaning of the Conference, the author's view is not necessarily correct, But some of these ideas are thought-provoking. (At least, I think a lot of small soup) ...

So here, the soup to the original to share, but also from the developer's point of view, for one of the points, published some of their humble opinion. Think I said the wrong, just as I pull the good ~ Anyway, usually with colleagues in the time, occasionally will pull the light of it ~


One day, the information of Apple WWDC was drowned, and it seemed deserted. This is significantly different from Apple's hardware conference in the second half.
Of course it's about the subject. WWDC for developers, for B, Apple hardware for the public, and, of course, for media people. You should understand part of the secret of Apple marketing.
But not all. WWDC years down, the scale is not small, the public response has been relatively light. To extend a step, so to speak, is our understanding of Apple innovation has a misunderstanding: More from the hardware perspective, ignoring the operating system, software, service trends.
Hardware innovation is really easy to perceive, see and touch. Appearance, material, core components, configuration, various features, technical parameters, in the years of it knowledge popularization, some ordinary public even understand.
Carefully, Apple, in the hardware world, seems to have lived in the public mind from 0 to 1 in innovation. If not satisfied, will immediately lead to criticism, often is "apple decline", "peak fall" and the like. If there is a noticeable change, even if the kidney six is bigger, it will be re-sought, sell a good.
In fact, the real situation is that Apple hardware changes, it is difficult to have a revolutionary change. This you have to pay attention to Foxconn and its upstream various components enterprises, materials enterprises, equipment business trends, you can feel. If you want to go deeper, just go through the latest materials chemistry, biotechnology magazines, many cutting-edge technology trends, although tempting, but reflected in the IT business process, real business is still far away.
This stage, the real epoch-making changes in the hardware field. Speculation is a lot of the concept. Hardware terminal, arguing over what frame, is a very funny and sad scene.
I refer to this situation as the period of the magic spell of Moore's law. The hardware innovation has reached the bottleneck period. The changes in the kidney six, more is the size of the larger. It is a kind of kitsch, of course, also conforms to certain market law. To say disruptive innovation, it is not at all.
But you, combined with the public's annual evaluation and pursuit of Apple hardware, will be able to experience a certain contrast, kidney six, the surface of innovation, it is easy to be considered from 0 to 1 subversion innovation.
On the contrary, even if the WWDC on the issue of dense system and software innovation information, it is difficult to arouse more enthusiasm. Many innovations around it can easily be attributed to micro-innovation from 1, 2, 3 to 100. Last night, this morning, it clearly answered some of the questions up to this stage. But it was still submerged.
You always have to understand that Apple is essentially a software and services company, and if its innovation in this field stagnates, the risk will be much higher than the lag in hardware innovation.
So, let's start with a little bit, ask one question, what are the risks to Apple's ecology?
You know, its core is the operating system-based commercial platform, bringing together countless entrepreneurs, countless applications, through a highly controlled hardware industry chain, control the entrance, direct to the end consumer.
Compared to the Android ecosystem, it centralized control, in the supply chain has a very strong advantage, reflected in the brand, word-of-mouth, quality, intensive, strong flow capacity.
But in the past few years, Apple has stepped into a diminishing marginal effect. Countless developer-developed applications converge to a single platform, but the platform's ability to distribute has reached its limits. Think about the application on the Apple platform, where is the main focus now? It's mostly on the iphone. When the ipad, iphone, ipod and other heyday, the three-tube, the entrance energy efficiency is very high, but the current industry mature, the market is gradually saturated, apple terminal stock users, coupled with the impact of the competitor, the current shipment has been mainly focused on the iphone new products, looks still high, but the entrance is too concentrated, has meant that its distribution capacity will be in crisis.
Because, mobile phone this entrance, regardless of the screen or consumer daily consumption behavior, feel that a huge number of applications can no longer as in the past to obtain a higher rate of change. Because, the screen is so big, consumers 20 hours a day high-frequency application, it is so limited, the application on the Apple platform, if not to create a new port of the sea, will precipitate into the cost, not only ineffective, a lot of fear will become garbage.
Apple's ability to distribute large volumes of applications has now reached a bottleneck.
The way to break this bottleneck is of course:
One, continue to enrich the form of mobile terminal, expand the product line, for the application and service to establish more portals (in fact, the alternative is that Haikou).
PC, ipad, iphone, ipod, Apple Watch, Apple TV, boxes, routers, entertainment centers, and more, there may be more smart devices in the future, especially the smart home industry chain, wearables and the like.
Second, the big data, smart push to reactivate a huge amount of applications. Allow them to reach the user efficiently.
Third, open operation, through the Ecological Alliance, will be a huge amount of applications to other platforms.
As you can see, Apple is constantly expanding its product line of smart devices. Smart watches are seen as a new growth point. But I think it's impossible to go beyond Apple's mobile phone shipments.
Moreover, the terminal form can not be infinitely increased: first, the brand can not be unlimited subdivision, and the other is the Apple cattle, there is no guarantee of involvement in all areas, each segment into a burst of money. If Apple has a consumer electronics feature in the future, it will always be the core product line. This means that Apple will struggle to continue through the entrance to increase the breakthrough bottleneck;
The WWDC of the morning last night actually answered the question. As you can see, Apple has emphasized smart push as never before, with at least 6 mentions in the speech. Apple iOS 9, watch OS2 emphasize the most.
Why do we have to stress this? Because, it can activate a huge amount of applications, from which to select, push to the user the most need, and associated with daily life applications, Direct line, with service-driven features. Moreover, the intelligent push, also has the marketing function.
This is backed by the power of big data and search. Countless Apple users, accumulating huge amounts of data for it. Apple is accelerating its big data value.
This is undoubtedly a new window for developers. For more than two years, many Apple developers have complained that the value of the Apple platform is getting weaker, making little money at all. In theory, if Apple's operations are successful based on big data, developers will no longer have to worry about their own marketing, commercialization capabilities, or the eventual use of waste as a result.
If operations are successful, Apple will certainly be able to defuse the pressure of bottlenecks in the distribution of terminal portals. Theoretically, the user of each terminal, no longer on the platform, in the massive application to search for their own needs. Each terminal's application, according to the user's usage behavior, the consumption characteristic, constructs the rich application scene, can associate countless applications, is no longer the past fragmentation. This is also the scenario of the big Data era of scenario marketing.
More than that, WWDC, Apple has a new trend, that is, is moving further into the open, and even began to cross its own system, grafted Android platform.
One, Apple music is about to land on the Android platform, which is an action for it. This means that:
1, Apple attaches great importance to streaming media services, at the open operation, reach more users. As long as you can control the content side, relying on strong traffic, still can get excellent monetization.
Perhaps, Apple may not really be able to replicate the glory of that year's ipod. However, if you look closely around, in addition to the game, music has always been the most rigid demand, can create a huge flow. Moreover, the chain can be directly reached under the line, with musicians, record companies, performing arts, ticketing and many other chain links. This, combined with Apple's big data operations above, will definitely lead to richer business opportunities. In addition, as the global copyright awareness has been further improved, people's consumption of music has gradually begun to come out of the free dependence period.
2, Apple's knowledge of the Android camp is not a zero-sum mentality.
These two camps will certainly continue to be parallel. While Android's openness is full of industry democracy, excessive, uncontrolled openness is unlikely to create an excellent industry, Shuizhi. In fact, over the past few years, the Android camp disorderly like a cluster, its platform presents contradictions: resulting in a huge amount of application, dispersed to each platform, not only limited performance, developers also make money. Android Market innovation too rely on the collective unconscious power, resulting in huge waste, conduction to the downstream hardware industry chain, has emerged environmental issues.
Second, Apple Swift 2 is open source for iOS, OS X, and Linux platforms. Think carefully, in the future, will it be able to give Android to Ott off?
In short, Apple has been in the operating system, software industry out of its own closed system, which revealed a kind of self-confidence, that is Apple believes that the Internet era, content, application as a service, the future, relying on this link, it can also pry the industry.
Think boldly, the future, the Apple dare not open the hardware entrance, will be its own operating system and a lot of software to build licensing to more powerful end brand, so as to the real service-driven mode?
This question, I put forward 3 years ago on Weibo. Of course it should be early. Because Apple's advantage lies in the soft and hard one, matching, optimization excellent. If the software hardware separation, the market will appear low-quality solutions, damaging Apple's reputation. However, in a hardware industry faced with Moore's Law magic Spell period, the hardware shell is relatively mature, stable, is not inconceivable.
Of course, Apple is a commercial company, listed companies, it has too much profit-seeking demand. The effect of WWDC is that it can drive the global hardware industry resources in the next few months, converge to the standard of the Internet, software and service that it defines, and finally in the second half of each year, form a consumer carnival of hardware terminal. This scene has been repeated for many years.
In any case, this morning's Apple WWDC, revealed that the giant in the hardware sector after the bottleneck, began to seek a breakthrough in software and system innovation, and the latter form a larger growth drive.
Innovation in the field of hardware, easy to be perceived, people always like to see the innovation, often ignore those unseen innovation, WWDC transmission of the latter.
VW is really more willing to see disruptive change from 0 to 1 for innovation. Especially in China's markets. In my opinion, it just reveals a kind of unhealthy thinking. Because only those areas where the industry is pompous and not in control can expect a certain field to blockbuster, in fact, the final situation is always not caught. Because business innovation and operation is not a hundred-meter race, but a marathon. In China, we saw too many generations of boxing champion, and soon fell. Chinese people are not lack of wisdom, also not lack of brains, lack of perseverance, perseverance spirit. Our industry original innovation burn, still often can't resist temptation, too like the side Yi oblique out, soon overdraft limited resources.
Need to re-recognize Apple's innovative path. The innovation of the entrance hardware terminal, in my opinion, is not part of the Apple Revolution, not even the ones without barriers. In this area, in this era, it is impossible to have China's far away from the ability, and even difficult to shake off for 3 months. In fact, for two years, China's local handset companies have even surpassed Apple's momentum in hardware. It's not an exaggeration. To know, the global foundry enterprises, materials enterprises so much, if Apple simply rely on this, it does not have a moat.
The real power of Apple lies in its soft part, its relentless system of innovative power. Last year, Cook emphasized the significance of Apple's micro-innovation. I think Apple, as an independent ecosystem, is a quiet, incremental change in software and Internet platforms that is more intimidating than a hardware mutation. In other words, the apple of micro-innovation is more frightening than the revolutionary apple.
Micro-innovation is not mend's scrap innovation, but a systematic innovation. Without the support of a strong micro-innovation platform, Apple could not have such meticulous power to pry the entire industry chain.
The industry needs a breakthrough from 0 to 1, and it does bring great liberation. However, over-exaggerating it, or denying from 1 to 2, 3, 4 ... 100 of micro-innovation and iterative update, will cause the whole industry chicken blood, the mentality of inflation, lack of fixed force, unwilling to engage in those day after day of hard work, always want to get rich, full of gambling mentality.
This may be the value of the soft culture that Cook can contribute to Apple. His character may be more suitable for the hardware industry to encounter bottlenecks, Apple systems and software began to force the cycle. I remember last year, when he announced the Ark in a declaration, he said that his sexual orientation would allow him to see areas that many people could not see. In my eyes, the neuter cook, does cater to a neutral era of the internet, which is an era of integration, it needs the soft creative power behind the scenes.
Of course, the cook-era apples are also hard to avoid over-catering to the capital markets.
In order to cater to investors, since 2014, Apple made coefficient, not only from the beginning of speculation to the end of the year, the share price of 1 split 7, but also the implementation of 60 billion dollar share repurchase, investors a carnival.
If I were to say that Apple's real risk, I think this is the trend for the so-called investor service, more and more explicit. When it evolves, it will surpass the will of the state, overhead sovereignty, and fully serve the capital. Apple extremely wealthy's cash reserves, basically inefficient, in the past it basically does not acquire, research and development investment is much lower than Microsoft, IBM, relying on a strong model and effective tax avoidance games abroad, it has become a virtual country. But this pattern of kidnapping for investors will certainly trigger vigilance on the part of the state, regional economies, and other industrial organizations, and competitors will certainly not miss out on any opportunities. Apple's business operations also imply its most dangerous enemy.

For the author's opinion is correct, small soup I will not interrupt, want to you Daniel, are have their own ideas of the people, small soup I just from the developer's point of view on the swift2.0 open source this matter, to probably pull a pull.

Apple Swift 2 Open source, can you give Android out?
苹果Swift 2开源,对iOS、OS X和Linux平台都适用。仔细琢磨一下,未来,它是否能将安卓给OUT掉?实际上,作为一个战斗在一线的开发者,在今年的春节过后,苹果连续发布了Xcode6.1、6.2、6.3以及诸多beta版本,并推出了swift1.2后。小汤我就早已知道,苹果将要大力推动swift语言,并且还分享了一些swift开发的一些小知识,我也曾不止一次的和他人分享过我的这个观点。

But the original view is still relatively young, it is widely believed that Apple, even if it is to vigorously promote the development of swift, it is not possible to abandon the previous use of objective-c developed procedures, of course, I agree, OC and Swift hybrid development is a very easy thing, Xcode also translates the Swift language and OC language to some degree.

Emphasis (if identical, purely coincidental):

With the launch of Apple's WWDC conference, Swift2.0, the swift language is about to launch an open source message, Swift will launch a well-compatible message for Ios,os x and Linux. I instantly understand, I overlooked which point!!!


If, I mean if, I can use Swift to develop the Android program, then, as a mobile developer, finally do not need to be so painful, the company only need to recruit a group of swift developers, and then can develop both Android devices, and develop iOS devices ... (cover the face of tears in the rush ...) )


What is the meaning behind Apple's WWDC?

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