Wikipedia escaped from MySQL and supported open source databases

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MariaDB was also invented by the founder of MySQL. Since MySQL was acquired by Oracle, it is becoming the mainstream of open source databases.

It is reported that Asher Feldman, a senior website leader in charge of the Wikipedia Media Foundation, revealed that he recently moved the English encyclopedia in Wikipedia to the MariaDB 5.5.28 database. He revealed that at the end of the first quarter of next year, the entire encyclopedia is expected to be switched to a new open-source database.

When talking about the reasons for changing the database platform, the senior manager said that the main goal is not to improve the performance of the new database. the Wikipedia Media Foundation and the entire open-source community hope to promote the popularization of the open-source database MariaDB.

MariaDB Official Website

We can see from the MariaDB official website that the MariaDB database is positioned as a replacement for MySQL.

Foreign media pointed out that the selection of MariaDB in Wikipedia is bound to attract more attention to MariaDB by many developers around the world who use Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Python/Perl (LAMP) Suite technology.

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