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Article Title: Windows Vista and UbuntuLinux systems are both started. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Including desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems and open source, and some other basic categories 1. The hard disk is brand new. XP is installed first, and then Ubuntu is installed, now grub has snatched the boot, and then enters DOS, type fdisk/mbr, hand the boot to XP, and modify the boot. ini points to the grub4dos of drive C, and then the/boot/grub/menu of Ubuntu. copy the lst to C: \, so that the Windows XP and Ubuntu dual-boot (ntldr directs grub4dos, and grub4dos directs Ubuntu) is not difficult. In the following example, bootmgr of Vista guides grub of Ubuntu.
First, enter WinPE, format drive C, and install Vista to drive C. After the restart, you can only access Vista without the Ubuntu option. Now download the EasyBCD software, as of today, the latest version is 1.7.1, ( Id = 1 ). Install and run in Vista. Select "Add/Remove Entries". In the "Add an Entries" panel below, select the "Linux" tab. The Type is Grub and the Name is casual, drive select the/partition for Linux installation, select the "GRUB isn't installed to the bootsector" check box, and click "Add Entries. After restarting, the dual-boot menu of Vista and Ubuntu appears. Select Ubuntu and go to Grub. You will understand the following.
II. I believe that all boot. ini from XP will guide linux, but vista no longer uses ntldr, so there are some changes
1. Export the grub boot sector file.
In linux
Dd if =/dev/sda3 of =/dev/sda6/linuxloader/ubuntu. lnx bs = 512 count = 1
(My GRUB is installed on sda3)
/Dev/sda indicates the disk from sata
Ide hard disk, with/dev/hda. The actual situation depends on the location where the grub boot record is installed
(This is the same as ntldr with XP)
2. In vista,
Run cmd with the Administrator permission, and then
Bcdedit/create/d "Ubuntu 7.04"/application bootsector
Create a startup Item named "Ubuntu 7.04" by loading the Boot Sector file type
After execution, a {GUID} will be returned. The following command uses this {GUID}
Bcdedit/set {GUID} device partition = E:
Set the partition where the Boot Sector file is located (that is, the partition where ubuntu. lnx is located)
Bcdedit/set {GUID} path \ linuxloader \ ubuntu. lnx
Specify the path and file name of the boot sector file (backslash \, indicating the root directory)
Bcdedit/displayorder {GUID}/addlast
Add the Ubuntu menu item to the end.
Restart your vista.
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