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C # relies on the Mono platform to implement server-side development of Unix platforms is nothing new, and Xarmain company (most of the initial members from the original mono, MonoTouch, Mono for Android members) continue to bring C # advanced to the mobile platform- It's not a novelty either! But the domestic study materials are very few, but there are training courses have seen the opportunity to make money, csdn should be and Xamarin have co-operation in the domestic first started the Xamarin mobile cross-platform courses (to avoid the suspicion of advertising, I do not address), although said I as a non-professional mobile programmer , because lazy reason did not learn Java and object C, but look at this great prospect also can't help but stir! So I started this series by upgrading my computer and buying a VPN to hold YouTube videos.

Steal a picture of xamarin.com home and get excited- we know there must be a better way to develop mobile apps !

Today, first, let's first configure the development environment, divided into one-step fool automated and self-abusing manual configuration. In @gjun's reminder, I finally found out why the wizard installation (XamarinInstaller.exe) installation will fail, it is also because of the "wall" reason. So if you connect to the VPN directly after the XamarinInstaller.exe installation is more convenient.

    • Automated Installation development environment
    • Manually install the development environment
    • Xamarin Studio Android Configuration
    • Android SDK Manager
    • Android Virtual Device Manager
    • Visual Studio Android Configuration

Automated Installation development environment

The only step in this installation is to go to the Xamarin download page (http://xamarin.com/download) page to download an installer (XamarinInstaller.exe) and click on it to install it.

Do not need any configuration, direct point "next" on it, until you see the following picture, then you have to congratulate you, this mode on your computer can be successful, you just wait for it to download, installation is complete.

Corresponding to the above three icons, respectively, installed is:

    • Andsord SDK and related tools
    • Xamarin Studio
    • Xamarin.android VS Plugins (VS2010 and VS2012 are now complete support, VS2013 develop Android app There are some problems, the total hint can not find sdk,layout also load not come out)

Once you're done, you can turn on Xamarin to experience the thrill of C # to develop Android apps. But if you and I, the character broke out, encountered the following picture, then congratulate you please take the self-abuse manual installation method.

Manually install the development environment

Manual installation is mainly divided into the following steps:

    • Install JDK (requires manually configuring the PATH environment variable to point to C:\Program Files (x86) \java\jdk1.6.0_39\bin)
    • Installing the Android SDK and configuration
    • Install Android NDK (seemingly unzip, don't see the installer, in VS or xamarin can configure the path of Android nd)
    • Installing GTK
    • Install Xamarin Studio
    • Install Xamarin for VS plugin
    • Configuring the Android Emulator

Xamarin Studio for Windows can only be used for Android development, and students who want to develop iOS apps with Xamarin studio need to download the Xamarin Stuido for Mac.  But we can use vs to develop Android and iOS apps. The above need to download the package more, I know you and I are also more lazy, so I took my download is packed, uploaded to the Baidu Network disk (Http://pan.baidu.com/s/1dD3XSmH), do not thank me, my name is Lei Feng!

Xamarin Studio Android Configuration

Open the options in Xamarin Studio Android--Tools--select "SDK Locations" on the left, Android:

Android SDK Manager

Android SDK Manager is dedicated to managing the Android SDK, as we said in the error prompt window above, we want to use the Android SDK to download the packages we need. Android SDK Manager is placed in the root directory of the Android SDK: C:\Users\ your username \appdata\local\android\android-sdk\sdk Manager.exe.

We can download the corresponding Android version of the API, note that the folder below we create the emulator required files, so do not miss the selection, then click "Install N Packages" can be.

Here the download process, for an information security work done in a very good country, will come up with some questions:

For this problem, you can find some IP address, modify the host file to access Google, but it is not very stable. The best way is to do a fee VPN, inexpensive, also easy to use, boredom can also be on Facebook and YouTube and so on.

Android Virtual Device Manager

In the root directory of the Android SDK there is also a program called AVD Manager.exe, which is our Android Virtual Device Manager, which we can use to create the simulator.

Then create a simulator for Android 4.0.

After that, start it, and the process is a bit slow.

By the end of its initialization, our Android4.0 will be out. Since the initialization process is slow, we can keep it open all the time.

Visual Studio Android Configuration

We've seen the configuration in Xamarin studio above, and then we'll look at how to configure some parameters for the Android SDK in vs. Go to vs-> tools-> options on the left select "Xamarin", "Android Settings"

The first step is done, and we're about to start developing our first Android and iOS app in C #!

Xamarin Studio Android Configuration

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