Unigui Application 64-bit Apache Deployment

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Deploying Unigui ISAPI modules under 64-bit Apache

1. Establish a Unigui program

2. Write simple content in the program

3. Add 64-bit program compilation options, select 64-bit Windows in the list, and then compile the program
4. Next is the installation of the 64-bit Apache environment, then choose the latest Wampserver combination program, this no special instructions, all the way next, the other installed Apache server 64 bit is the same, so that the entire resource occupies a smaller
5. First set up the directory WebApps in the C drive, copy our compiled 64-bit program My64bittest.dll to this directory, and then find the Apache installation path, mine is C:\wamp64\bin\apache\apache2.4.27 , locate the http.conf file under the Conf directory and add the following on the last side of the file:
AddHandler Isapi-handler. dll

<directory "C:/webapps" >
Options Indexes followsymlinks execcgi
AllowOverride None
Order Allow,deny
Allow from all

Alias/mywebapps "C:/webapps"

6. Re-take the Apache server and run our program

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Unigui app 64-bit Apache deployment

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