Android Elite Biography review-chapter II: New Contacts for Android development tools

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  • 2.1 Google Ecosystem
    • 2.1.1 Android Studio First Experience
    • 2.1.2 Android Studio Configuration
  • 2.2 Android Advanced usage tips
    • 2.2.1 Update SDK
    • 2.2.2 Android Studio Common interface
    • 2.2.3 Import Android Studio project
  • 2.3 adb command usage tips
    • 2.3.1 ADB Foundation
    • 2.3.2 ADB common commands
    • 2.3.2 adb Command source
  • 2.4 Simulator Usage and configuration

Eclipse Disadvantages:

  • High memory consumption
  • Often crashes
  • Development interface is not beautiful
  • The form of Android as a plugin exists in eclipse
  • ......

Android 5.x integrates all aspects of car, wearable, TV, etc.
Android Studio integrates its cloud services, go language, car, wearable, TV and other features
using Android Studio reason--ui Design is more immediate, code hints are richer, lint is more intelligent, etc.

Android Studio official website:
Androiddevtool Mirror Web site:

Configuring the JDK environment variable:

  • java_home:c:\xxx\java\ jdk1.x (JDK directory)
  • classpath:%java_home%\lib
  • %java_home%\lib\tools.jar
  • path:%java_home%\bin

Android Studio Usage tips:

  • Eclipse Export project to Android studio using Expor T->generate Gradle Build Files
  • Enter the Setup interface with a small wrench, go to the Appearance tab
    • set the theme in theme
    • "O Verride default font "Can change font incompatibility
  • Enter editor label
    • Enter colors&fonts tab, click" Save as " button, modify the font size
    • to enter the other tab, tick "show quick doc on mouse move", turn on the show hover prompt
    • into the General tab, and in the "Code sensitive Com Pletion "Select None, turn on prompt case insensitive
  • go to keymap label
    • Modify shortcut style
    • Modify shortcut key

Android Studio is equipped with a good gun, but don't forget we have to buy bullets, the bullets here are naturally the most important SDK development tools to develop Android

SDK Manager Configures Mirror proxy
It is recommended to keep the latest SDK Build-tools
SDK API documentation Resources (documentation for Android SDK)
Android source code resource (Sources for Android SDK)

  • Debug window: Debug, record screen, etc.
  • Memory Monitor: Monitor the consumption and monitor the CPU usage in real time
  • Android Device Monitor: Analyze application performance, optimize debugging, display CPU load information, and more
  • Breakpoint Debugging: Breakpoint view, real-time calculation of variable values, a variety of debugging methods and other functions

Fix the problem of importing Android Studio card dead

  • Create a normal project in the current version Gradle
  • Copy the "Gradle" folder and the "Build.gradle" file in the local project to replace the two folders in the project you are importing
  • Import the Android Studio project that we need

Phone and computer "umbilical cord", adb--android Debug Bridge

ADB is located under the Platform-tools directory of the SDK and starts cmd in this directory:

  • Enter ADB version to view ADB release number
  • Install the corresponding mobile phone driver, such as Pea pod, TOEFL test fee 91, QQ mobile phone assistant
  • Enter the phone setting, turn on the USB debug mode
  • Enter the ADB shell and enter the shell
  • Display all Android platforms in the system: Android list targets
  • Install APK program: ADB install-r app. apk
  • Install APK program to Phone: adb push d:\test.apk/system/app/
  • Writing files to your phone: adb push d:\test.txt/system/app/
  • Get files from your phone: adb pull/system/temp/d:\file.txt
  • View log:
    • ADB shell
    • [Email protected]:/$ logcat | grep "ABC"
  • To delete an app:
    • ADB remount (re-mount the system partition to make the system partition writable)
    • ADB shell
    • CD System/app
    • RM *.apk
  • View system drive letter adb Shell DF
  • Enter all installed apps adb shell pm list packages-f
  • Analog Key Input:
    • MENU:ADB Shell Input KeyEvent 82
    • HOME:ADB Shell Input KeyEvent 3
    • UP:ADB Shell Input KeyEvent 19
    • DOWN:ADB Shell Input KeyEvent 20
    • LEFT:ADB Shell Input KeyEvent 21
    • RIGHT:ADB Shell Input KeyEvent 22
    • ENTER:ADB Shell Input KeyEvent 66
    • BACK:ADB Shell Input KeyEvent 4
  • Analog slide Input: adb shell input touchscreen swipe 200 500 400 500
  • View running status: ADB shell Dumpsys
  • Start a activity:adb shell am start-n Package Name/package name + class name
  • Recording screen: adb shell Screenrecord/sdcard/demo.mp4
  • Restart: adb reboot

Third-party simulator Genymotion official website:

Android Elite Biography review-chapter II: New Contacts for Android development tools

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