Android version History major changes (version1.5-->4.0) Comprehensive collation

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  (cupcake)    based on Linux Kernel 2.6.27         2009 April 30, Official 1.5 version (cupcake) of Android released. [14] [15] Major updates are as follows:         shoot/play videos, and support for uploading to YouTube        support stereo bluetooth headset while improving auto pairing performance        Latest browser with WebKit technology, support copy/paste on and page search       GPS performance greatly improved        Provide on-screen virtual keyboard        Home screen add music player and photo frame widgets        app automatically rotate with phone        SMS, Gmail, Enryakuji, browser user interface greatly improved, such as Gmail can delete messages in bulk        camera start speed faster, take pictures can be uploaded directly to Picasa         Call photo display [+]   1.6   (donut)    based on Linux Kernel 2.6.29         2009 September 15, 1.6 (donut) version of the Software Development Kit was released. [17] [18] Major updates are as follows:         redesigned Android Market        gesture support      & nbsp: Support CDMA Network        text to Speech system (text-to-speech)        Fast search box      & nbsp; a new shot.Interface        View application power consumption        support virtual private network (VPN)        Support for more screen resolutions.        Support OpenCore2 media engine        New ease of use plugin for people with visual or auditory difficulties [+]   2.0/2.0.1/ 2.1   (Eclair)    based on Linux Kernel 2.6.29         2009 October 26, Release of the 2.0 (Eclair) version of the Software Development Kit. [20] Major updates are as follows: [+]         optimize hardware speed        "Car Home" program        Support for more screen resolutions        Improved user interface        new Browser user interface and support HTML5      & nbsp; new contacts list        better white/black background ratio        Improved Google Maps 3.1.2      &NB SP; support Microsoft Exchange        support built-in camera flash        support digital zoom        Improved virtual keyboards        support for Bluetooth 2.1        support for dynamic desktop design   2.2/2.2.1   (Froyo )    Linux-based Kernel 2.6.32   &NBsp     2010 May 20, 2.2 (Froyo) version of the Software Development Kit was released. [22] The main updates are as follows:         support for installing software into extended memory [+]        integrated adobe Flash 10.1 support [+]         Enhance the speed of software instant compilation [+]        new software launches "fast" to phone and browser [+]        USB share and WiFi hotspot features [+]        support for uploading files in the browser [PDF]        Update for batch and Automatic Updates in the market [+]         Increased support for Microsoft Exchange (Security Policy, Auto-discovery, GAL look-up)        Integrated Chrome V8 JavaScript engine to browser        Enhanced Quick Search Gadget        More software can be updated via the market, similar to the map update in 2.0/2.1        speed and performance optimization [+]    Note: Some of the firmware called 2.2 is still using the core of 2.6.29. This firmware can achieve most of the 2.2 functions (such as Flash), but there is a gap between performance and 2.6.32.   2.3   (Gingerbread)    Linux-based Kernel 2.6.35          The 2.3 (Gingerbread) version of the Software Development Kit was released on December 7, 2010. [30] Major updates are as follows:         Patching ui[31]        support for larger screen sizes and resolutions (WXGA and higher)        system level copy and paste        Redesigned multi-touch on-Screen keyboard        Local support for multiple lenses (for video calls, etc.) and more sensors (gyroscopes, barometers, etc.)        Phone book integrated Internet call feature        Support for Near Field communication (NFC)        Enhanced power, application management        New download admin        Optimized game development Support        Multimedia sound enhancement        transition from yaffs to Ext4 file system        Open the screen function        Make the restore of black and white more real   3.0.1/3.1/3.2   (Honeycomb)         * February 2, 2011, the 3.0 (Honeycomb) version of the main update is as follows:         for tablets only        Millions of books on Google ebooks        support for tablet big screen, high resolution        new Gmail      & nbsp Google talk video features       3d acceleration processing        Web Store detailed classification display, Install apps on individual Android        New Short message notifications        user interface designed for Tablet PCs (redesigned pass-throughKnown columns and system columns)        Enhanced multitasking interface        redesign of keyboard and paste functions for large screens        Multiple tabbed browsers and private browsing modes        Fast switching of various features of the camera        Enhanced gallery with fast scrolling contact interface      & nbsp; more efficient Email interface        support multi-core processor       3.2 optimized 7 "flat panel display   android4.0   1. Introduction to Ice Cream Sandwich system Overview  Android4.0  every time Google releases a new generation of operating systems, each handset maker upgrades the previous generation of operations will be put on the agenda, but also the next generation of the operation of the message on the internet outflow, Such a form is gradually becoming a way for Google to promote its Android operating system. Android2.3 Gingerbread is about to be released, Android3.0 System hive is exposed, and handset makers are busy upgrading their Android phones to Android2.2 Operating system, foreign media sources that the Android next-generation system name has been identified, the Tudorbrown is the president of ARM company, the product code Icecreamsandwich, referred to as ICS, the Chinese literal translation comes to be " Ice Cream sandwich. Google has made it very clear to everyone: Android4.0 is a mobile phone and tablet computer system fusion products, and there is no minimum hardware requirements, theoretically speaking, the existing android2.2/2.3 can be upgraded Android4.0. While the hardware is not set limits, Google announced the Android4.0 system, will soon be the SDK public  . This is also the way Android4.0 will return to the open source .    system Introduction    latest Android 4.0 named Icecreamsandwich (ICS, ice Cream sandwich), for Google's newest generation Androidicecreamsandwich operating system, I believe many players have heard about it, and I am afraid the love of Acacia has been difficult to comfort.Fortunately, for the Androidicecreamsandwich operating system, the world's Android fans are equally anxious, this foreign player has been exposed on the Internet Googleandroidicecreamsandwich The operating system is up to date. A Googleandroidicecreamsandwich operating system has been exposed on the internet, and this picture was released by foreign androidpolice websites. It is alleged that this is the site in a Googlenexuss On a smartphone, this picture is just one of a group. From that picture we can see that Google's latest version of the Androidicecreamsandwich operating system seems to have some changes in the UI user interface, In addition, we can see some other new features in this picture, such as the new theme of Gmail and so on. Currently, Google's latest version of the Androidicecreamsandwich operating system has not yet officially listed, after the news that Google or intends to 10 The Androidicecreamsandwich operating system is officially released during the month, which also means the new Android will be officially in the crossfire with Apple Iphone4s and iOS. At the Google I/O Conference held this May, After Google officially announced the existence of Icecreamsandwich, Android users and developers around the world are looking forward to this operating system. Google said the code-named Icecreamsandwich operating system is the biggest feature will be able to unify the various versions of Android, change the status of Android Tablet PC and smartphone differentiation, and according to Google, Icecreamsandwich will have the following features:  Unified smartphone and tablet system: Google's next generation Android Icecreamsandwich will have only one version, while supporting   with smartphones and tablets, which will solve the problem of Android 3.x system and Android 2.x OS version differentiation, Applications developed by developers for tablets and smartphones will also be universal.    system naming   familiarity with Android friends all know that Google has always loved the name of the dessert named Android OS. Android1.5 operating system was killed Cupcake,cupcake is a domestic female favorite cup-type cake, in the cake room or Western-style self-help is more common. Android1.6 operating system named Donut, the movie "Transformers" fat hacker at the trial of the donuts eaten. and in android2.0/2.01/2.1.A cream-filled loaf of bread named Eclair. The Android2.2 operating system now being upgraded by handset makers is named Froyo, a dessert called frozen yogurt. and the Android2.3, which was announced shortly before, is called Gingerbread, It's a cookie called gingerbread. While the Android3.0 operating system named Honeycomb, in the film "Feast" movie in the end of the film, the bald Chef will put the bear's paw in the pot, and then with a hive to cook. In the newly exposed Android4.0 system is named Icecream, As we often eat ice cream .   Ten features   1, Android Unified version of the TV mobile phone tablet fusion android4.0 android4.0 will only provide one version, while supporting the smartphone, Devices such as tablets, TVs, and so on. Android devices will be unified, the Android tablet's distress status will be effectively improved. On the other hand, the growing smarttv of home appliance manufacturers, including Samsung and Sony, will also usher in a valuable Android version upgrade .   2, new UI user-friendly interface Google has undergone a Android2.3 version of the update, the mobile phone system UI has made a small improvement, and the new Android3.1 interface also changed the previous Android Monotonous style. After the evolution of many versions, Google should be able to improve the user interface experience, the new UI design is likely to usher in a mature version.   3, return to Origin maintain open source features before Android3.0 once announced that no open-source measures were taken, However, Google understands that the Android system is a big success feature is open source. The suffering of the tablet will inevitably be avoided on the brand-new Android4.0, the user-centric brush machine resources are sure to make Android4.0 icing on the cake. If you are a custom ROM user, then you will be happy with this message , I believe the source code once released, will soon be able to see CYANOGENMOD9.  4, sync upgrade Linux kernel Update 3.0 or later android4.0 android is Google's own developed mobile platform operating system, The platform is based on open source software Linux, composed of operating system, middleware, user interface and application software, which is the first truly open and complete mobile Software 4.0 version number for mobile terminal to tell us,  this is a large upgrade version. Linus just released the Linux3.0 kernel, and later it was updated to 3.0.1.  5, audio, video androidmarket provide resources to download Google has tested the nature of the launch of the Googlemusicbeta, allowing the upload of 20,000 music to Google Cloud Server, automatically create playlists on any flash-enabled device playback, We have reason to believe that the provision of digital video and audio services under the influence of AppStore will also appear on Android.   6, optimized for multicore processors as more and more manufacturers are pushing dual-core smartphones, the actual effect of how we do not comment, But Android4.0 will specifically optimize for dual-core and multi-core mobile phones, giving full play to dual-core performance.   7, running speed overall improvement although the official does not mention the performance in particular in the specific aspects, but the performance of the upgrade is bound to be.   8, integrated with Google TV and ChromeOS smart parking Android4.0 In addition to the integration of smart TV GoogleTV, the new Android4.0 will also be expected to learn from the ChromeOS System intelligent Parking function    optimized, these features are expected to help Android4.0 integrate with multiple device terminals.   9, the official theme engine for OEMs with this engine, you can use Google upgrades to these third-party topics. Must, now appearance homogeneity so serious, the theme and connotation became one of the key factors of mobile phone.   10, Gamecenter Game Center Google acquisitions and investments such as Labpixies, Slide , Jambool, Zynga and other companies, will be the technology reserves of Google's mobile gaming social network, and the direct competitor will be Apple's gamescenter. All this bodes well for the next version of Android that will usher in a platform for integrating high-quality gaming applications.    New ui  Google Cloud music: Google Cloud music business first appeared Android3. 1 system version, but at the time Google Cloud Music application is still relatively primitive, now, the mature Google Cloud music will come with Icecreamsandwich. Google Cloud music business will allow tablets and smartphones to save music that has been played offline, and can be downloaded offline, and thanks to cloud storage technology, the music will be shared across all of the users ' Android system devices.     speed boost   The widespread poor sales of Android tablets is due to the power of the operating system, that Android tablet experience is a great distance from Apple's ipad, and now, with the release of Apple iOS 5 and Android Icecreamsandwich, a new round of competition has begun. As consumers, we are also very happy to see the competition of two giants, because the competition will certainly bring more cheap and comfortable products for our consumers.    new features  1. Virtual keys, increase the screen area and control the overall size of the phone android4.0  as previously disclosed, the new Android system removed the bottom physical key design, using virtual keys, This can increase the screen display area when the fuselage size is constant, and this way can be consistent with the tablet.   2. Desktop plug-in widgets list is rendered in a tab, similar to a list of programs, and the Coexistence program column appears to support switching to the desktop plug-in list. The plug-in list shows the actual display as thumbnails, and is dragged to the desktop for use.   3. Folders are easier to create and manage, and similar to iOS with the new folder feature is very simple, you just drag an icon to another chart, you can set the composition of a folder, and then you can rename the folder , and organize icons shortcuts, support speed dial, files and other content into the folder, which is somewhat similar to ios.  4. Customizable Desktop desktop features add customizable items such as the shortcut bar at the bottom of the screen, with the default of three buttons, you can add up to five and define the functions of each button, which can be programs, contacts, Speed dials, and folders.   5. Visual voice mail standalone application, can be integrated in the call log display, including voice mail messages, visual messages and other content, and voice call records simultaneously display .   6. Calendar Support Zoom operation Date switch is more convenient, can enlarge view detailed schedule, support two-finger zoom operation. offline Search, two-line preview, and the bottom of the new Shortcut Bar Inbox font has been replaced, icons, layout are redesigned, the bottom of the shortcut bar can write mail, search , Access tags, add offline search support, Inbox displays two lines of text preview, swipe left and right to switch Gmail sessions.   8. Volume key + Power key combination   9. Improved virtual keyboard error correction and spell checking are improved, Click on the word to get the suggested results.   10. Direct access to the application lock screen from the lock screen drag the unlock icon to the app shortcut to open the app directly, or use the drop-down notification bar when you lock the screen.  11. Optimize copy   paste  12. New browser built-in browserRevision, label system enhancements, you can quickly open the label switch, up to 16 tabs open at the same time, support Chrome bookmark sync.   13. The new Roboto font display is more beautiful and perfectly integrated with the entire interface system.  14. Flow control system third-party flow control can stop the food, the system built-in traffic statistics, can display a certain period of traffic usage record, support set limit alarm and automatic disconnection, you can view a single program traffic usage record and disable its background traffic usage rights.   15. Camera applications 0 Shutter delay, Time interval setting, recording simultaneous zoom, single shot in one second to complete.   16. Face recognition, face recognition, facial identification function is applied, such as unlocking, can be set after the screen to unlock   17. Built-in Photo editor, Powerful function, can be cut, beautify, color correction and other changes   18. Multi-task List multi-task list shows the most recently run program thumbnail, you can close a program to free up memory.   19. New Gallery layout and organization new gallery design, You can organize your photos automatically by theme, geographic location, face recognition, and so on. Contact Application integrated social Network information new contacts program features richer, can integrate social network information, built-in status updates, can view high-definition images, can send messages quickly, The   21.androidbeam NFC-based Androidbeam feature allows two of mobile phones to exchange websites, contacts, navigation, YouTube videos, and even download links to the official electronics market.

Major changes in Android version history (version1.5-->4.0) Full collation

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