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Development environment: Mac OS Lion 10.8.2, Xcode 4.5.1

1. Click Application---utility--keychain  2. In the menu bar, select: Keychain Access, preferences, Certificates tab, below two all select Close  3.  Generate certificate request: Keychain Access, certificate Assistant, request certificate  4 from a certification authority. Enter two e-mail addresses and a common name. The email address is your registered AppleID. A)   Common name Enter the name you registered on the Apple website, other names have not tried, do not know the line. b)   Select "Save to Disk". Select Save path, after saving the name should be: certificatesigningrequest.certsigningrequest  c) point storage after   save to disk in your Keychain Access window should be out of two keys, A public key, a private key, and the red part is the common name you entered above.  5, generate certificates certificate (for Apple Developer account, $99/year) a)   Login Developer Center: INDEX.ACTION B)   Select the Certificates tab on the left and select the right: Request certificate, select the file at the bottom of the page box that pops up, upload the certificate request that you just generated (certificatesigningrequest.certsigningrequest), the download Download button appears after submission. Do not download the   after generation. 6, set Devicesa)   on the left side of the page, select devices add your device a)   Enter your phone name, (can be used on the phone for general? About this machine, check the phone name) b)   Enter your Udid   (connect your phone to the computer , open Xcode?window?organizer, select Devices in the open window) The bottom line identifier is UDID7, set app IDsa)   Select App Ids,b on the left side of the page   Select the New app ID on the right side of the page, open the page like, c)   Enter a AppID descriptor that doesn't really make sense to describe what your app ID is for,such as "Mydebug", enter your application ID in the box below, usually named "com. english domain name. *" In this way. Set up and submit later. Attention! In detail here, the "*" indicates that all programs can be compiled with this certificate, if you do not use the * number followed by a specific name then this certificate can only be used with the same name of the program. However, you cannot use "*" If you need to compile with a push notification message or a program that requires the Game Center service to be set to a name that is the same as your program name.  8, select your certificate type on the page that opens. The first and last item is not selectable, because my ID used * 9, set pass type IDsa)   on the left side of the page to select the Pass type IDs, enter a name and ID, the name is filled in, id must be pass. Start, add domain B)   After submission choose Configure to prepare. c)   Finish Configure   may also need a point once, equivalent to refresh.  D)   In the open page point continue continue, click to select File Upload your request certificate (certificatesigningrequest.certsigningrequest) after the submission will appear download Download button. Again, do not download now. 10, generate Profilea)   on the left side of the page to choose Provisioning   Set the following items, profile name is the name of this certificate, such as: "Mydebug", APP ID if all is unique, there is no other choice. b)   After submission back to Certificates tab   Note! If after the commit   status status is Pending is not active, re-refresh it again, if not check the above steps where there is a problem. 11. Download Applewwdrca.cer certificate a)   Open Certificates tab, download Applewwdrca.cer certificate,  b)   Double click to install after download, keychain type select "Login"  
12, download Ios_development.cer certificate installation, such as after installation will appear the following two certificates, here in order to clear, delete the above generated two keys, do not delete on their own machine. 13. Download the Pass IDs certificate to open the Pass Type tab to download and install. 14, download the certificate for compiling a) Open provisioning download, this certificate do not double-click the installation. The installation method is as follows: b) Connect your iphone to the computer, c) Drag your Xcode icon onto Doc, and D) Drag your certificate to Xcode to release immediately. e) Your certificate name will appear in the following two locations in the Organizer Window Devices tab. And the status state must be green. Once the certificate is set up, continue with the certificate. 15. Open Xcode to create a new project. A) Locate the Xxxx-info.list file on the left, set the value of "Bundle identifier" to the right, and the original Xxxx.${product_name:rfc1034identifier} Replace with the value you set in the page such as COM. ${product_name:rfc1034identifier1}b) Select the project icon on the left, set your certificate as shown in the location, such as the Red Line section on the right.  16. Select your device in the top left corner of Xcode and click on the triangle on the far left, and your app will appear on your iphone. This digest from:
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