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The development of the Internet to this time, if in order to build a simple website for a person to learn web design and production from scratch, it is really a waste of time, especially a single person.

Below, recommend several one key to generate Web page artifact, time cost is very low, the effect is very good.


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Strikingly can help you create an elegant single-page website. Use it to design the Web page, the visual sense of the line is strong, the plate is streamlined and the background is very high quality. Although there are only more than 10 templates, the design of the Web page is very elegant and easy to operate.

Strikingly is particularly suitable for building a single-page Web site that emphasizes visual elements. One drawback of this is that it is not allowed to output code, even if you want to change the template later.


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Weebly is before the Internet | What programmers see is a very popular website building tool and has a history of more than more than 10 years.

Its interface is very simple, it has its own content management and Web statistics system.

Weebly allows you to edit the generated code, export it, or go to WordPress is also possible. If you want to move the site later or hand it over to a professional, it's easy to do it. Weebly also offers free hosting, so you don't have to pay for additional escrow fees.

However, templates in weebly are more complex than other web-building tools.


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Squarespace is a great place to create an elegant and professional website without having to code it yourself. Creating a website with Squarespace is like visually giving you a beautiful picture that offers a lot of favorite pictures and icons.

Each site is responsive , and Squarespace has a built-in blogging platform with some posts, but it lacks a search platform or other management options.

Unlike other website building tools, Squarespace does not provide hosting for free , so you have to buy your own domain name. The export function of Squarespace is also limited. Blogs and drawings can be exported, but products, albums or videos are not available, so it is difficult to completely evacuate from this platform.


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The WordPress platform is Open source , with hundreds of themes and plugins (both free and paid), and you can find almost any feature you want.

You can use it to create a great full featured website.

Many hosting services provide automated installation tools for WordPress, and administrative work can be done through the administrator interface. Since it has a very many themes, options and plugins to use, it is more complex than the tools listed above, or requires some technical background to better use the tool.

But the downside is that, whether it's plugins, themes or the WordPress platform itself, you need to be aware of the updates, while other site creation tools do not need to be upgraded, they will be done automatically in the background.

If you want to create a brand, or regularly through the blog content to do marketing, WordPress may be a better choice.


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Webflow is a website creation tool for professional web designers

The site creation tools discussed above are primarily targeted at freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business companies, which are relatively straightforward. What makes Webflow unique is that the code it generates is particularly clean and highly compatible. If you want to adjust the pages you create, the code can be edited or exported manually, and further optimized by professional developers.

However, Webflow is primarily for static sites. You can't integrate dynamic blogs or e-commerce into it, unless you export the code and use tools like WordPress to manipulate it.

When choosing, I think the Lord should ask himself a few questions and choose the one that suits you best from the above recommendation.

Build your own personal website quickly! Five Build station program

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