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The system uses a remote database. Location in USA, connection speed is particularly slow. DBA does not give guidance to the database
I had to write a database table migration method. But only one sheet at a time is slowly guiding. Write with PHP

   //Original database$databaseOri=' original database name ';$hostnameOri=' IP address ';$portOri=' Port number ';$userOri=' User name ';$passwordOri=' Password ';$csOri="database= $databaseOri; Hostname= $hostnameOri; Port= $portOri; Protocol=tcpip; Uid= $userOri; Pwd= $passwordOri; ";$dbOri= Db2_connect ($csOri,$userOri,$passwordOri);//target database$databaseDes=' name of the database to transfer to ';$hostnameDes=' IP address ';$portDes=' Port number ';$userDes=' User name ';$passwordDes=' Password ';$csDes="database= $databaseDes; Hostname= $hostnameDes; Port= $portDes; Protocol=tcpip; Uid= $userDes; Pwd= $passwordDes; ";$dbDes= Db2_connect ($csDes,$userDes,$passwordDes);//methods for executing SQL functionfetcher($db, $query,$par = array()) {$stmt= Db2_prepare ($db,$query);$res=Array();if($stmt) {//print_r ($stmt);$ex= Db2_execute ($stmt,$par);if($ex) {Try{ while($row= Db2_fetch_assoc ($stmt) {Array_push ($res,$row); }             }Catch(Exception$e){}          }Else{Print_r ($query); }        }return$res; }//How to insert a database functioninsertintodes($db, $query,$par = array ()){$stmt= Db2_prepare ($db,$query);$res=Array();if($stmt) {$ex= Db2_execute ($stmt,$par);if(!$ex) {Print_r ($query); }        }return$res; } functiontransferdb($tableName,$dbOri,$dbDes)  {//Spell out all the field names of the table you want to transfer$tableCloums= Fetcher ($dbOri,"Select NAME from Sysibm.syscolumns where Tbname= '".$tableName."'",Array()        );$tableParams="";$insertParamsLength= Count ($tableCloums); for($temp=0;$temp<$insertParamsLength;$temp++){$tmpName=$tableCloums[$temp]["NAME"];$tableParams=$tableParams.$tmpName;//print_r ($tableCloums [$temp] ["NAME"]);if($temp<$insertParamsLength-1){$tableParams=$tableParams.","; }        }//Find the primary key of the table$resultKeyArray= Fetcher ($dbOri,"Select NAME from Sysibm.syscolumns where Tbname= '".$tableName."' and keyseq = ' 1 '",Array()        );if($resultKeyArray[0]["NAME"]){$keyCloum=$resultKeyArray[0]["NAME"]; }Else{$keyCloum="ID"; }//Get all the rows of the table, because if the table is too big millions of rows, the full import into memory will be as memory overflow$count= Fetcher ($dbOri,"Select COUNT (*) from public.".$tableName,Array()        );$dataCount=$count[0][1];//Determine how many times to execute$executeloops= Floor ($dataCount/10000+1);//$executeloops = 1;//Cyclic execution for($i=0;$i<$executeloops;$i++){$pageIndex=$i;$beginIndex=$i*10000;$endIndex= ($i+1) *10000;//Through paged query, each time from the original table to get 10,000 data$getDataFromOriTab="SELECT".$tableParams."From (select Row_number () over (ORDER by".$keyCloum."DESC") As ROWNUM, ".$tableParams."from public.".$tableName.") A Where ROWNUM >".$beginIndex."and ROWNUM <=".$endIndex;//fwrite ($myfile, $getDataFromOriTab);$tmpData= Fetcher ($dbOri,$getDataFromOriTab,Array());//Stitching the value of a field in the INSERT statement$valueStr="";foreach($tmpData as$index=$row){$valueStr="";foreach($row as$cloumName=$value) {if(Empty($value)){$valueStr=$valueStr."'',"; }Elseif(Is_null ($value)) {$valueStr=$valueStr."null,"; }Else{$valueStr=$valueStr."$value,"; }                }$valueStr= substr ($valueStr,0, -1);$INSERTSQL="INSERT into public.".$tableName." (".$tableParams.") VALUES (".$valueStr.");"; Insertintodes ($dbDes,$INSERTSQL,Array()); }        }    }//parameter is the table name of the table to be guidedTransferdb ("Table name",$dbOri,$dbDes);?>

'). addclass (' pre-numbering '). Hide (); $ (this). addclass (' has-numbering '). Parent (). append ($numbering); for (i = 1; i <= lines; i++) {$numbering. Append ($ ('
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    The above describes the DB2 table data migration, including the DB2, migration aspects, I hope that the PHP tutorial interested in a friend helpful.

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