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100M Free Universal Space:
1, we solemnly promise: committed to providing China's best free space, and permanent free, never close a legal space
2, important reminder: Where to apply for the site's free space needs to be timely to the Ministry of Information industry website for the record, Web site:, I will regularly clean up the site is not filed
3, 100M Universal space for free application, support FTP, domain binding
5, Support ASP Forum, PHP Forum, forum
6, if have the question, please send the mail to
7, free space to refuse to declare: (1) Pure Download class website, (2) Pure Picture class website, (3) Pure Music website, (4) violate the national laws and regulations of the website, (5) The long-term use of space, we promptly closed processing

Application Address:

Price: Free 400M space (mf400 type)
Web space: 400M
Database space: Access database Free (share database size with web space)
Bundled Professional Post Office √
Price: 0 yuan/1 years

Application Address:

For the convenience of the novice webmaster and the old webmaster, this site special launch of the first webmaster free space program (server run Full)

Space condition:
> support Web scripts such as ASP and PHP
>100MB Independent web Space,
>50m MySQL (Increase to 50M for user-friendly database)
> Online Control Panel
> Support domain binding up to 5 top-level domain names
> Support sub-directory domain binding

Application Address:

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