How much does it cost to make a website? What do I need to prepare? The basics of universal knowledge.

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Many small businesses are concerned about doing the site before, want to know how much money to do the site? How long does it take to make a website? What information do I need to prepare? This problem we generally need to understand the general requirements, because to do a site its price is based on the site to achieve the function, the requirements of the site design to set the price, because the different needs of different workloads, natural prices are not the same. For ordinary Enterprise website, look is to choose a finished website or custom site, generally ranging from hundreds of to thousands of. General network companies before giving a quotation need to determine the customer needs first, specifically what kind of site, the site needs what features, site framework style, understand the approximate can be given a rough quote. Or do you want to see what kind of website you are building? Where is your point of appeal? Different points of customer, do the site price difference is full of large, such as: you need to build an enterprise display type (1280 yuan-4880 yuan), brand promotion (4880 yuan-6880 yuan), the group website (see demand), the online mall (see demand), or industry portal (see demand), Their prices ranged from thousands of to tens of thousands of, the specific website price package (how long will it take?) )different industries may be functional templates are different, specific prices have to refer to the function template we want to do; companies in the same industry may have to develop functional modules, but the design requirements vary greatly, so their price difference is still very large. If their products and brand positioning is not the same, so they have a different design requirements for the site, some people say we want the general, similar, ordinary site can be; some people say we need to have a certain design requirements, the atmosphere, can reflect my company's brand website; some say I need high-end, luxurious, The website has marketing function. This request determines the price of the website you want to do, the price of the different demand. Some companies do the site is 10,005, 20,000 or even three to do, I call us a big company or something, I would like to remind that: even if the money spent, they can be sure to give you a good quality website and services? I think not necessarily, or to see people to do, you in their company should be considered a minimum customer, you again we may be a larger, or more important customers, you think the service will be the same procedure? I don't have to tell you this. Next I want to say is which hundreds of yuan to do the website, said the cheapest website construction, basically are CMS system (such as: Weaving Dream, Empire and other Open source program) self-built station or some other self-help station system. 1, no source code. 2, difficult to develop two times, because the CMS system two development costs are not generally high. 3. What services do you offer? Is it an individual, or a company?         Did you just do it, or have you been doing it for years? I think it might help you to think about these questions. How to build a website? 1. Application domain name:. COM (international domain name) and. CN (domestic domain name) is advisable (generally between 60 yuan to 100 yuan, each IDC quotation is not the same) 2. Purchase space: in the IDC business to buy the space that meets your site requirements, generally just introduce your business or use to promote your business with the virtual host is enough; If you need to have a trading function on the site or need to install other software, then use the VPS host , ask for a higher rent server or hosting server. Price: Lease server > Hosting server >vps host > virtual host, performance: Leased server = managed Server >vps host > virtual host. Select IDC business to pay attention to after-sales service, stability, access faster. 3. Do you make the website yourself? Or do you pay someone else to do it? Do your own words according to your own needs or good language to do, static site Dreamweaver can do, dynamic website combined with asp,.net,php can do.

How much does it cost to make a website? What do I need to prepare? The basics of universal knowledge.

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