IIS Configuration PHP Environment HTTP 500 error handling method

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in the construction of PHP program encountered 500 errors, visit Phpinfo test is 500, re-installed PHP, re-build the site, webmaster accounts, to the Everyone permission test is 500 errors, tangled for a long time, and then thought of the impact of the program pool, The following steps are the way I handle my problem:
Open IIS Manager, select application Pool-Your site application pool (own creation)-click "Set Application Pool Defaults" on the right, open, in general, set "enable 32-bit application" to "True", change "managed pipeline mode" to classic, Finally click "OK" and everything is OK.
There are also some other steps that can be consulted on the Web:
1, IIS use fastcgi way to configure PHP, when writing PHP program, often appear HTTP 500 error
HTTP Internal Server Error: The server encountered an unexpected condition while trying to execute the request. In the study, PHP did not turn on error when found, so that IIS could not handle PHP syntax errors, so any error will show an HTTP 500 error.
workaround is simple, open php.ini, set display error
display_errors = on
then open IIS and restart fastcgi.
HTTP 500 Server Internal error. The reason for this problem is that phpMyAdmin and WordPress and other programs index.php files used in the Require (./xxx.php) Such a statement, is generally a file or database permissions issues.
solution, change the inside require (./xxx.php) to require (xxx.php).
Workaround 2, give the IIS user Read permission to the parent directory of the site.

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IIS Configuration PHP Environment HTTP 500 error handling method

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