Joomla Open Sef method, Joomla Open Sef method _php Tutorial

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Joomla Open Sef method, Joomla open Sef method

This paper describes the method of Joomla opening SEF. Share to everyone for your reference, as follows:

The main purpose of using the SEF (search engine friendly) URL is to make the keyword of the content appear in the URL, which is one of the most important aspects of SEO, for the search engine, this can enhance the current page and the relevance of these keywords. Let's take a look at how to use the SEF URL in Joomla 1.5.

1. Installing Joomla1.5

2. In global configuration, set "search engine friendly URLs" to "on (Yes)" To save the settings.

This is the most important search engine optimization settings in the Joomla system, so before we do the following steps, we will first turn it on; now, the URL of the site is made up of the current page or the title alias (alias) of the article. If you do not set an alias for the current page or article, the URL directly uses the title of the page or article to form the URL (title).

If you experience problems, you can try modifying the $live_site settings in the configuration.php file. If your Joomla is installed in the site root path (for example, public_html or htdocs), you need to set the $live_site to "/" or "" or "". If the site is installed in a subpath, you will need to set $live_site to "/subpath name" or " name" or " name".

If the setting is successful, then the URL should now be:




3. In the global settings, set "Add suffix to URLs" for URL to "on (Yes)" To save the settings.

This is just a "formality" step--for URLs to add. The HTML suffix, for example, will:




4. In the global settings, set "Use Apache Mod_rewrite (using Apache mod_rewrite)" to "On (Yes)" To save the settings.

Note that in order for Apache Mod_rewrite to open properly, we need to rename the "Htaccess.txt" file in the site root directory to ". htaccess".

After successful opening, the following URL:


will be changed to:


One suggestion is to try to add an alias to all the pages and articles in your site, so that you can control the SEF URLs more precisely, using only numbers and letters, and separating them with the hyphen "-" to avoid special symbols.

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It is hoped that this article is helpful to everyone based on Joomla program design. true techarticle Joomla Open Sef method, Joomla Open Sef Method This paper describes the method of Joomla open Sef. Share to everyone for your reference, as follows: Using SEF (search engine friendly) net ...

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