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PHP has become the most popular scripting language for a number of reasons: flexibility, ease of use, and so on. For project development, we usually need a PHP framework instead of the programmer to do the repetitive parts. This article, brother even PHP training will be a comprehensive analysis of the PHP framework.

 What is the PHP framework?

The PHP Framework provides a basic framework for building Web applications, simplifying the process of writing Web applications in PHP. This saves development time, helps build more stable applications, and reduces the development of repetitive coding. The framework can also help beginners build more stable application services, which allows you to spend more time creating real-world Web applications rather than spending time writing repetitive code.

We generally think of the PHP framework as equivalent to the Model View controller. MVC is a programming architectural pattern that separates business logic from the UI and allows for a single modification. MVC breaks down an application's development process so that components can work independently of each other, making PHP coding faster and easier.

  Why use the PHP framework?

One of the benefits of using PHP frameworks by developers is to speed up the development process and save developers a lot of time and effort. Also, stability is another important reason for developers to use the framework. Although simplicity is the biggest advantage of PHP, many people like to use this scripting language because of this, but it is also the biggest drawback of PHP. Some developers, especially beginners, can easily write bad code without realizing it.

PHP is a very tolerant language, so it's more important to make sure there are no holes in the programming. Finally, the use of the PHP framework is very extensive, and there are many different frameworks to choose from. Many developers choose well-known frameworks, and they can communicate with other developers who use the same framework through a forum/community, but you can also develop your own framework. Before choosing a frame, you should ask yourself: Will it save you and other users ' time and energy? Does the application perform better? If you answer all of these questions, then you should choose a suitable framework for your project.

  When do I use the PHP framework?

This is a common problem for both experienced developers and junior developers alike. For many beginners, a framework will provide a lot of simplicity and stability, so PHP frameworks should be used whenever possible. This will help reduce or eliminate bad coding and speed up the development process. On the other hand, many experienced PHP programmers see the framework as a tool for low-level programmers who do not know how to write good code. In short, when the project time is pressing, there are many benefits of using the PHP framework, which can greatly speed up the coding process. Another scenario is that when you do a project with a large amount of code, you should also consider using the PHP framework, as this will help reduce the complexity of your work.

 What are the best PHP frameworks?

Over the past few years, PHP has generated a lot of PHP frameworks because it has evolved into the scripting language chosen by most developers. What is the best PHP framework, benevolent see, because not every frame can fit everyone. Some comments on the PHP framework are given here:

The Zend Framework

The Zend framework is popular in the developer community, with a focus on Web 2.0-style applications. Due to its broad support and active user base, Zend is known as PHP company. Zend is definitely one of the most popular PHP frameworks, even if not today. Its powerful capabilities meet enterprise-class needs, and its use also requires extensive PHP knowledge.


CakePHP is a great choice for beginners to advanced PHP developers. It's basically the same principles as the Ruby on Rails design, which focuses on rapid development as a good framework for rapid application development. Its rapidly growing support system, simplicity and scalability make cakephp the hottest PHP framework today.


Symfony is targeting more advanced developers, who create enterprise-class applications, especially Askeet and Yahoo! Bookmarks. This open-source PHP framework is comprehensive, but its main disadvantage is that it is slower than other frameworks.


The CodeIgniter is known for its ease of use, performance, and speed. Unlike Symfony,codeigniter, the main target is for developers who share hosts with people, or developers looking for PHP frameworks for small devices. It provides a simple solution, and there is an extension library that includes video tutorials, forums, user guides, and wikis. Beginners should consider using CodeIgniter.


Seagull is a stable PHP framework for building Web, command-line, and GUI applications. This is a very easy-to-use framework that is ideal for beginners to advanced programmers. For starters, Seagull has an example application library that can be set up to meet its own needs; for advanced developers, Seagull offers a wide range of choices including best practices, standards, and modular code bases that can help you build Web applications quickly and easily. Seagull has an active developer community with a wide range of supporting documentation and instructions.

The above PHP frameworks are unique and open source projects, but the framework for the project is different, generally codeingiter is more suitable for small projects, CakePHP and Zend framework is more suitable for medium-sized projects, Symfony more suitable for large heavyweight projects, When selecting a project, consider the customization and extensibility of the framework, as each project cannot determine whether you will change as your needs change.

Learn and learn all about PHP Framework PHP training Tutorials

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