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Linux: Why do we have to argue about general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information? The following is a detailed description. Author: stray cats in the city
Today, I added my blog to the office. After careful calculation, I found that I had not written my blog online for another week. I don't want to say I don't want to write or do not write anything, but the company has arranged for a meeting in Hangzhou over the past few days. When I don't have time to access the Internet, I have no conditions to send any text.
There is nothing to write, and it is a lie. You think: It is impossible for everyone to think about things every day. It is impossible to have nothing to think about in their minds, do you write these ideas into your own work? Why is there nothing to write?
Vulgar: learn everything. This sentence is not false. I really admire the wisdom of the ancients. Over the past thousands of years, we have taught us to pay attention to things outside of ourselves. This means that you need to have multiple eyes, everything in the world, as long as you keep your eyes on it, do not blindly adopt dogmatism. It will certainly form your own opinion. This is your learning.
I had the chance to open my computer and access the internet. I just wanted to watch the news at will. After all, I had enough information on TV. I just wanted to stroll around without thinking about it, at the end of the year, everything will come out, summarized, reflected, commented, and quarreling. This is not the first time you open the page, I saw an article about linux "Qu Zhuang growth. At first glance, I thought it was just a review and summary of the growth history of linux this year. After opening it, I found that it was not the same thing.
According to the author of this article, a person published an article a few days ago saying that linux does not seem to improve, or it is a little disgusting compared with Microsoft; as a result, I felt dissatisfied and began to shake up against the flag. The idea was that "linux doesn't hate the iron, but on the contrary, it is growing up, these two articles are published on the Internet.
A few days ago, there was indeed a blog post about linux, and I also read it. However, I cannot understand the many technical terms involved. However, from the perspective of the author's article today, it is obvious that it is necessary to compete and express your own point of view, if this is a good expectation, the two of them will continue to argue.
Some friends have asked: you can't even understand the technical terms. Why do you want to read their articles? Haha, it is also a coincidence that I installed linux in my notebook, and every blog post was completed on the linux platform. As soon as I see the relevant title, I will try again. In my blog post, there is also an article about linux, but it is definitely not about competing with others.
So I was wondering: What's wrong with linux? Why are so many rights and dislikes? There were two technical debates, but they also attracted a lot of readers, who were scolded, supported, and dismissive, I am also one of the onlookers who show their opinions but are not involved.
I said that I am also using the linux system, but I am not an avid linux enthusiast or an opponent of the Windows system. I just want to use what is appropriate, use whatever you want. For example, I only use linux when I use office software to view News Online, because it seems that there is no risk of virus (or much smaller ), but if I want to listen to songs and watch movies, I still want to switch back to the Windows system. I am not afraid of jokes: I won't download software in linux, and my system won't be able to play audio and video. As a bystander like me, the two sides of the debate have always played 50 boards each other.
For those who oppose linux, I agree with some of their ideas: for example, the linux interface is not very gorgeous, the software and hardware are difficult to install, and there are few games, I agree that there are too few software that can be used in the above process. This is indeed a problem for linux, but remember that linux was born not for the requirements of most people. The reason for its birth is very simple, that is, the author started to access computers from the bottom layer to gain a better understanding of computer technology, so he also wrote the system from the beginning in unix by leveraging the power, therefore, it is also said to be a unix-like system, and the author himself did not say that the system should be integrated with the desktop, these are the ideas of those fans who have a good desire for linux. They can also be said to be their goals. The objective of learning linux is also very simple, either for display or for real learning technology. Because of the closed nature of Windows, it is impossible for you to learn computer technology from the beginning without opening windows. In Windows systems, you can either complete your work with the support of the computer, or use the computer as an auxiliary tool for your work, or complete your own development work on its platform. At this time, windows is a basic platform, and computers are a development tool. You can develop various types of software to meet social needs. However, in the end, you still cannot get rid of the limitations of windows, after all, it is a basic platform. Therefore, since the advent of linux, there are two types of people in the world: one is to show off and use linux, one is to use linux for pure learning and work. For those who just want to show off, there is nothing to say: it is not a proper attitude to directly kick one side. People who really learn and use linux are worthy of respect. They have their own preferences, opinions, dreams, and choices, however, you should never beat the Windows system to death because you are using linux, and think that others are useless. This is not a true learning attitude.
For those who oppose linux, I may also have to learn several types of people: one is completely empty-minded, and the other is done on the platform, they are also scolded by themselves. Such people are not the objects of discussion. The second type is the loyal guard who hold too much hope for linux. They hope to break the monopoly, I hope most users will have more options. The starting point is good and understandable. But if there is no reason to disagree, I don't think this is a discussion.
Therefore, my point of view for the above people is very clear:
1. If you do not really use your brain for analysis, you will be able to write an article without having to move your mind to the next level. Swearing people are not in the discussion column. They should not appear in this field;
2. Anyone who is opposed to the Windows system or even does not swear by them, who wants to beat the Windows system to death by linux or other systems, can understand it if it is just a wish. But do not hold too much hope. After all, since its birth, the Windows system has formed a huge industrial chain around it, which has completely affected our daily life, even in all walks of life; a large user base is its most powerful weapon; linux can be developed slowly and its user base can be developed slowly, however, it is not a real problem that can occupy the desktop of the vast majority of ordinary users in a short period of time;
III. For those who oppose linux, I guess most of them are common users. Most of them are misled, they thought that linux was really as fascinating as described, so they plunged into it, but they suddenly discovered that it was not so satisfactory, because their requirements and the focus of linux are not an online one. What common users need is a friendly Microsoft interface that they are familiar with, but is not a Microsoft system that meets their usual requirements, however, they have more requirements on entertainment, but they are not born for entertainment. linux is not born for entertainment. Despite the great efforts of countless developers over the years, I have to admit that, there is still a way to meet the needs of these users. I advise these users, if you have used the Windows system well, why should you give up? The product that suits you is the best. Don't make unnecessary arguments. It is the most important to use a computer to assist your work;
In short, it is very simple: if you think linux is not good, you can express your opinion. You can give suggestions like developers, or you can give up without saying anything, but never give up, it seems that all things in the world that do not meet your requirements are junk. Remember: these developers only want to develop better products for users to use, and they have not benefited from them, because linux is a "Free Software", anyone can modify it and release it, but it cannot be used for profit. If you think linux is not easy to use, you can go back to the system that you think can meet your requirements. There is no need to spit on the fruits of others' work, and even the basic courtesy is lost. How do you talk about communication? Developers can ask: This is a function developed by myself, but it is released so that you can try it well. If it is easy to use, you don't need to drop it down. You have the right to comment and have the right to suggest it, however, you are not qualified to speak out and have the ability to create one by yourself. This is perfect as you wish.
People who think that the windows system is damn can carefully analyze the implementation schedule of this wish. But do not forget that Microsoft and windows bring about changes and progress in the world. You can discard windows, but think about it, which of the following products can be supported by this huge empire.
Therefore, if you disagree, whether it is linux or windows, or if you have the ability, you can stand on the side you support and exert your abilities, to develop products that are better than competitors, any developer is respectable and their labor achievements should be respected by others. If they do not have the ability, your best practice is: either suggest to developers, or select other methods to help them, or silent. If you are unable to change the status quo, select the best option!
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