Movable grid Enterprise Web application Generator won the "2017 Excellent software Products"

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Recently, the Chinese Software Industry Association issued the "2017 Outstanding software Products" list, the movable grid enterprise Web application Generator by virtue of the unique advantages of products, and in recent years in the enterprise Web application of outstanding contributions, ranked among them, by users and industry experts widely praised.

Award-winning, confirming the technical strength of the movable lattice

Visual design, Excel will be able to develop Web applications! Type grid is an enterprise Web application generator, using the class Excel design interface, ordinary business people can quickly customize the Web information system to meet the business requirements by drag and drop, and send it to other colleagues to work together.

This is a truly business-oriented, "No technology threshold" Enterprise Information system Creation tool. With the use of movable lattice, enterprises can centrally manage the existing data, and automatically backup, to ensure data security, to get rid of the limitations of using Excel to manage data, but also according to business needs, highly customizable business logic, real-time response to changes in demand, not relying on third-party software developers, and to the system's data access to accurate control, Flexible configuration of different business roles.

large to the business process management system, small to Office user management system, express delivery system, interview system, enterprises can be done immediately, a key release, to achieve multi-person collaboration, reduce management costs, improve work efficiency. 650) this.width=650; "Src=" 978677-20170724135215649-373112409.jpg "width=" 757 "height=" 501 "style=" font-family: ' Microsoft yahei '; font-size : 16px;border:0px; "/>

User value, casting the long-term development of movable lattice

Won the "2017 annual excellent software products" title, confirmed the strong technical strength of movable lattice. From the user's point of view, the use of movable lattice to customize a variety of practical Web applications, is to help enterprises improve operational efficiency, explore the value of data is a great way.

Enterprises in all walks of life, using movable lattice generated a variety of management systems, and the flexibility of the movable lattice, stability, ease of use praise.

Chengdu Kang Fu tak High rental Car Co., Ltd., Chengdu City is the only one wholly foreign-owned passenger taxi operating enterprises. The company has developed a "collaborative management system" using movable lattice, which solves the need for co-management of vehicles, personnel, certificates, security and other work in various departments of the company, and realizes many business requirements such as mobile office, intelligent information input, set dozen, chart display and statistics, and effectively improves the company's collaborative work efficiency. Increase the value of your company's data. 650) this.width=650; "Src=" 139239-20170724135412977-252987941.jpg "width=" 784 "height=" 518 "style=" font-family: ' Microsoft yahei '; font-size : 16px;border:0px; "/>

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Senior manager of the Department of Operations, Mr. Zeng lamented: "The value of the movable lattice is simple, breaking the" layman management professionals "of the industry status; The system quickly went online, broke the bureaucracy between the departments, created a good atmosphere of the internal horse racing, and finally achieved improved efficiency, saving labor, decision-making precision and other extraordinary results. ”

Weiliguang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. from Hangzhou, the use of movable tagged into a "manufacturing management system", on the one hand to solve the work of a number of factory synergy efficiency, to the production process and abnormal situation of timely monitoring, on the other hand, the mobile real-time to customize the function of the report, And the original system with the enterprise docking, effectively improve the overall operating efficiency of the company. 650) this.width=650; "Src=" 139239-20170724135505414-488084925.jpg "width=" 786 "height=" 392 "style=" font-family: ' Microsoft yahei '; font-size : 16px;border:0px; "/>

Mr. Cable, who is responsible for the construction of the project, praises the flexibility of the movable lattice: "The movable lattice development cycle is short, can improve the plant management of a variety of personalized needs, when the customer needs change can quickly change the system, highly self-customization, that is, to use." Can realize the mobile phone page customization, mobile real-time scanning newspaper, at any time to view relevant production data. ”

Heilongjiang Treasure Island Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a very influential pharmaceutical group, but there are many sets of systems coexist in the enterprise, using Excel to manage data efficiency and low problem. Using the movable lattice, the enterprise has built the "Treasure Island Report Data Center". The powerful filling module, number, verification and function of the movable lattice make the Treasure Island standardize the data source, integrate the existing system of the enterprise, and help the enterprise realize the specification and efficiency of the workflow by using the functions of approval control, import and export, complex permission control and so on.

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Mr. Guo, who is responsible for the implementation of the project, introduced: "The movable lattice is a powerful, flexible and convenient system generation tool that can be defined." As long as there is an idea, the use of movable lattice can achieve most enterprise management functions. Software stability, is a good enterprise custom system Generation tool. “

To honor as a spur to the user as the core! In the depth of information development today, enterprises will pay more and more attention to the use of data, workflow optimization, Enterprise Informatization will be the future management of the important support and decision-making reference. As a truly business-oriented, "No technology threshold", flexible enterprise information system to create tools, movable lattice will continue to carry out product innovation and program innovation, in order to promote China's information process as its mission to continue to advance.

Try the movable grid to create your own Web Information system

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Movable grid Enterprise Web application Generator won the "2017 Excellent software Products"

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