MySQL 5.6 for Windows uncompressed version configuration installation (Win 10 64-bit Pro Test) with installation package download link

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MySQL is a small but powerful database, which is very popular at present. However, the official website gives the installation package in two formats, one in MSI format and one in ZIP format. Many people under the ZIP format decompression found no Setup.exe, face a pile of files confused, do not know how to install. The following article describes how to resolve various issues during installation in this situation

Tools/Ingredients: Win 10 64-bit operating system

MYSQL Zip Format installation package


There are two types of 1.MySQL installation files, one in MSI format and one in ZIP format. If the MSI format can be directly clicked on the installation, according to the installation prompts it to install (I believe you can read English tips), General MySQL will be installed in C:\Program files\mysql\mysql Server 5.6 Directory The ZIP format is self-extracting, and after decompression, MySQL can actually be used, but to configure.

2. After the decompression can rename the folder, put in the appropriate location, personal suggestions to rename the folder to MySQL Server 5.6, put in the C:\Program files\mysql path. Of course you can put it anywhere you want.

3. After completing the above steps, many users begin to use MySQL, but there is an error in the diagram. This is because environment variables are not configured. Configuring environment variables is simple:

My Computer, properties, advanced environment variables

Select Path, after which you add: the path to your MySQL bin folder (e.g. C:\Program files\mysql\mysql Server 5.6\bin)

Path= ...; C:\Program files\mysql\mysql Server 5.6\bin (note is append, not overwrite)

4. After configuring the environment variables do not be busy to start MySQL, we also need to modify the configuration file (if not configured, after the start of the error will appear in the diagram Oh!). : Error 2 system cannot find file), mysql-5.6.1x default profile is C:\Program files\mysql\mysql Server 5.6\my-default.ini, or create a My.ini file yourself,

In which the configuration () is modified or added:


Basedir=c:\program files\mysql\mysql Server 5.6 (MySQL directory)

Datadir=c:\program files\mysql\mysql Server 5.6\data (the directory where MySQL resides \data)

5. Run cmd as administrator (be sure to run as administrator, or not have enough permissions),

Input: cd C:\Program files\mysql\mysql Server 5.6\bin into the bin folder of MySQL (regardless of whether the environment variable has been configured, but also to enter the Bin folder, or after the start of the service will still report error 2)

Enter Mysqld-install (if run without administrator, there will be an error due to insufficient permissions: Install/remove of the Service denied!)

Installation Successful

6. After the installation is successful, start the service, continue to enter in cmd: net start MySQL (), the service started successfully!

At this time many people will appear error, please see note:

Note: Error 2 and error 1067 often occur at this time.

If the "Error 2 system cannot find a file", check whether the configuration file has been modified or whether to enter the bin directory, if the configuration file is correct and enter the Bin folder, you need to remove MySQL (input mysqld-remove) and then reinstall (Input mysqld- Install);

If error 1067 occurs, it is a configuration file modification error, verify that the configuration file is correct.

7. After the service started successfully, you can log in, enter Mysql-u root-p (no password for the first login, press ENTER directly), Login success!

Note: The My.ini file must be encoded in English (such as ANSI in Windows), not UTF-8 or GBK, and so on.

Link: Password: 12LM

(Link if invalid can comment with me again to link)

MySQL 5.6 for Windows uncompressed version configuration installation (Win 10 64-bit Pro Test) with installation package download link

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