MySQL creates a database table on a monthly schedule with stored procedures and events

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Business needs, the app user is written to a log table App_open_log.
On the line for 7 months, there are 740,000 records.

Now consider the sub-database of the table. At the beginning of each month, create a database table prefixed by App_open_log_ with a date and year suffix, for example: app_open_log_201807.

Copy the following two paragraphs to SQL and execute them.

First create the stored procedure:

DELIMITER //CREATE PROCEDURE create_table_app_open_log_month()BEGINDECLARE `@suffix` VARCHAR(15);DECLARE `@sqlstr` VARCHAR(2560);SET `@suffix` = DATE_FORMAT(DATE_ADD(NOW(),INTERVAL 1 MONTH),’_%Y%m’);SET @sqlstr = CONCAT("CREATE TABLE jz_app_open_log,`@suffix`,"(  `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,  `equipment_type` varchar(45) DEFAULT NULL ,  `equipment_version` varchar(45) DEFAULT NULL ,  `rom` varchar(45) DEFAULT NULL ,  `cpu` varchar(45) DEFAULT NULL ,  `mac` varchar(100) DEFAULT NULL ,  `ip` varchar(50) DEFAULT NULL ,  `version_code` varchar(10) DEFAULT NULL ,  `client` varchar(45) DEFAULT ‘‘ ,  `create_time` int(10) DEFAULT NULL,  `version_name` varchar(45) DEFAULT ‘‘ ,  `v` varchar(10) DEFAULT ‘‘,  PRIMARY KEY (`id`),  UNIQUE KEY `id_UNIQUE` (`id`)) ENGINE=InnoDB AUTO_INCREMENT=1161854 DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8mb4 ROW_FORMAT=DYNAMIC;");PREPARE stmt FROM @sqlstr;EXECUTE stmt;END;

Then create the event 1st each month to execute the above stored procedure:

DELIMITER $$SET GLOBAL event_scheduler = 1;CREATE EVENT event_create_table_every_monthON SCHEDULE EVERY 1 MONTHSTARTS ‘2018-07-01 00:00:00‘ON  COMPLETION  PRESERVEENABLEDOBEGINCALL create_table_app_open_log_month();END

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MySQL creates a database table on a monthly schedule with stored procedures and events

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