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MySQL workbench can be used to manage MySQL or mongoerd. This article mainly describes how to install MySQL.

Using Deb security and solving the dependency of the quick security method: Using dpkg security to Deb environment, and using aptitude to automatically renew the required suite.

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    Deb Security token
Security Method 1
  1. Apt-Get install libdbd-mysql-perl libdbi-perl libmysqlclient15off Libnet-Daemon-perl libplrpc-perl libzip1 mysql-client-5.1 Python-paramiko Python-pexpect
  2. Dpkg-I mysql-workbench-oss_5.2.18-1ubu910_amd64.deb # Or mysql-workbench-oss-5.2.19-1ubu910-i386.deb depends on your operating system version
  3. Complete
Security method 2
  1. Use the dpkg Security mysql-workbench-oss_5.2.18-1ubu910_amd64.deb, as shown in the following command
  2. $ Dpkg-I mysql-workbench-oss_5.2.18-1ubu910_amd64.deb # the following warning messages will appear

    Dpkg: Due to dependency issues, you cannot set mysql-workbench-OSS:
    Mysql-workbench-OSS depends on libmysqlclient15off (> = 5.0.27-1). However:
    We have never installed the suite 'libmysqlclient15off '.
    Mysql-workbench-OSS depends on libzip1 connector. However:
    You have not installed the suite 'libzip1 '.
    Mysql-workbench-OSS depends on Python-paramiko plugin. However:
    The security kit 'python-paramiko 'has not been used '.
    Mysql-workbench-OSS depends on Python-pexpect example. However:
    You have never installed the 'python-pexpect 'suite '.
    Mysql-workbench-OSS depends on MySQL-client connector. However:
    You have never installed the 'mysql-client' suite '.
    Dpkg: occurs when MySQL-workbench-OSS (-- install) is handled:
    Dependency-reserved as not set
    Developing the desktop-file-utils program...
    During processing, the following error occurs:

  3. Next, we recommend that you use aptitude to renew the package, as shown in the following command:
  4. $ Aptitude full-upgrade # aptitude will automatically help you find a solution.
  5. The following information is displayed: Select N for the first, and select y for the second and third.


    • The first option n is because aptitude thinks that the most simple solution is to remove the Deb of zookeeper security. As long as a package is removed, the dependency problem can be solved, so select N. Do not let it be removed.
    • The second option is to use aptitude to locate the dependent package. If you want to use this solution, select y.
    • The third option is security, which solves the dependency problem.
MySQL workbench zookeeper security process

The following suites are optimized as follows:
0 suites are upgraded, 0 are new, 0 are removed, and 0 are not upgraded.
You need to initiate the 0b transaction claim. After the resolution, the 0b transaction will be used.
The following suites contain dependency:
Mysql-workbench-OSS: Dependency: libmysqlclient15off (> = 5.0.27-1), but this cannot be installed
Dependency: libzip1, but this cannot be installed
Dependency: Python-paramiko, but this does not work properly.
Dependency: Python-pexpect, but this does not work properly
Dependency: mysql-client, but this cannot be installed
The following actions solve these dependency problems:

Remove the following kits:

The score is 121.

Accept the solution? [Y/n/Q/?] N <-- Do not remove

The following actions solve these dependency problems:

Server Guard provides the following kits:
Libdbd-mysql-perl [4.011-1ubuntu1 (karmic)]
Libdbi-perl [1.609-1 (karmic)]
Libmysqlclient15off [5.1.30really5.0.83-0ubuntu3 (karmic)]
Libnet-Daemon-perl [0.43-1 (karmic)]
Libplrpc-perl [0.2020-2 (karmic)]
Libzip1 [0.8-1 (karmic)]
Mysql-client-5.1 [5.1.37-1ubuntu5. 1 (karmic-updates, karmic-Security)]
Python-paramiko [1.7.4-0.1 (karmic)]
Python-pexpect [2.3-1 (karmic)]

The score is-35.
Accept the solution? [Y/n/Q/?] Y

The following new suites will be installed:
Libdbd-mysql-perl {A} libdbi-perl {A} libmysqlclient15off {A} Libnet-Daemon-perl {A} libplrpc-perl {A} libzip1 {A} mysql-client-5.1 {}
Python-paramiko {A} Python-pexpect {}
Some of the following suites will be set:
Do you want to renew it? [Y/n/?] Y

In this case, the sub-security completes the authentication ~

Start MySQL workbench
  1. Application Programs> development through external software> MySQL workbench
  2. You can start using it ~
Reprinted from: http://blog.longwin.com.tw/2010/04/mysql-workbench-deb-linux-install-2010/
Combined with your own situation, the system prompts that the libctemplate0 package is missing. The installation source is not found directly through apt-Get install. Therefore, you can only manually download the dependent package. Download Source: unzip sudo dpkg-I libctemplate0_0.97-1_amd64.deb to re-unzip the installation workbench, complete.
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