MySQL Remote connection Host * is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

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If MySQL does not support remote connections, you will get a hint: The error code is 1130,error 1130:host * isn't ( allowed to connect to this MySQL server,

There are 2 ways to resolve this issue:

localhost changed to%

Go to the MySQL bin directory

Mysql-u root-p

Mysql>use MySQL;

Mysql>update User Set host = '% ' where user = ' root ';

Mysql>flush privileges;

Specific analysis

1, after the computer log in MySQL, the "MySQL" Database in the "User" table "host", from "localhost" to the '% '.

Mysql>use MySQL;
Mysql>select ' host ' from user where user= ' root ';

#查看mysql库中的user表的host值 (Host/IP name for connection access)

Mysql>update User Set host = '% ' where user = ' root ';

#修改host值 (Increase the host/IP address as a wildcard%, and of course, you can also directly add a specific address if error 1062 (23000) occurs when you execute the UPDATE statement: Duplicate entry '%-root ' for key ' PRIMARY ' ERROR, requires select host from user where user = ' root ';
Check to see if the host has a% value, and if so, directly execute the following flush privileges;

Mysql>flush privileges;
Mysql>select host,user from user where user= ' root ';

A different approach

If you are using phpMyAdmin we can login phpMyAdmin and then enter in the rights management, here will see all the users, you find the root user click Modify, and then change the domain to the% number can be (note that you must be the root user login Oh, Otherwise, it is not modifiable)

MySQL Remote connection Host * is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

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