Mysql show table status method for obtaining table information, mysqlstatus

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Mysql show table status method for obtaining table information, mysqlstatus


mysql>show table status;mysql>show table status like 'esf_seller_history'\G;mysql>show table status like 'esf_%'\G;


mysql>show table status like 'esf_seller_history'\G;

1. Name

Table Name

2. Engine:

Table Storage Engine

3. Version:


4. Row_format

Row format. For the MyISAM engine, this may be Dynamic, Fixed, or Compressed. The row length of a dynamic row is variable, for example, a Varchar or Blob field. A fixed row means that the row length remains unchanged, for example, Char and Integer fields.

5. Rows

The number of rows in the table. For non-transactional tables, this value is accurate. For transactional engines, this value is usually estimated.

6. Avg_row_length

Average number of bytes per line

7. Data_length

Data Volume of the entire table (unit: bytes)

8. Max_data_length

Maximum data size that a table can accommodate

9. Index_length

Disk space occupied by Indexes

10. Data_free

For the MyISAM engine, it identifies the allocated space that is not used now and contains the space of the deleted row.

11. Auto_increment

Value of the next Auto_increment

12. Create_time

Table Creation Time

13. Update_time

Last table Update Time

14. Check_time

Use the check table or myisamchk tool to check the latest time

15. Collation

Default Character Set and character sorting rules of a table

16. Checksum

If enabled, the checksum is calculated for the content of the entire table.

17. Create_options

All other options during table Creation

18. Comment

Other additional information is included. For the MyISAM engine, note Xu Biao. If the table uses the innodb engine, the actual table space is left. If it is

Views. The comments contain the words "VIEW.

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