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SQL Trace executed in MySQL is much simpler than Oracle and has a log on its own. We just have to open the log record, execute the SQL statement, and look at the log.
1. First open the log switch
Use command: Show variables like '%log% ';
Can see a query result:

Set it to ON, using the following command:
Set Global General_log=on
Check again: Show variables like '%log% '; General_log's switch should have been opened.

Note that we can also see a general_log_file, which has a default value that we can modify or not change.
Let's change it, use VI/ETC/MYSQL/MY.CNF (I tried to set it up, but I didn't succeed, I could only modify the MySQL configuration file)
Add one line: Log=/tmp/my_luyx.log
Restart MySQL and check out show variables like '%log% ' again;
This is fully set up, run some SQL statements on the MySQL client, and in/tmp/my_luyx.log you can see the SQL statement that you just executed.

============mysql non-native connection reported 10061 error ==============
With the sudo apt-get install mysql-server-5.0 installed on Ubuntu, MySQL is not accessible outside, but access on Ubuntu is no problem.
Hint: can ' t connect to MySQL server on * * * (11061)
Then start looking for the reason:
1. MySQL is already open, the user has been created, and the user's access rights are @% 3306 port not open?
Use the Nestat command to view the 3306 port status:
~# Netstat-an | grep 3306

From the results, it can be seen that port 3306 is only listening on IP, so it denies access to other IPs. Workaround: Modify the/etc/mysql/my.cnf file. Open the file and find the following:
# Instead of skip-networking The default is now-listen only on
# localhost which are more compatible and are not less secure.
Bind-address =
Comment out the above line or replace the with the appropriate, or comment out.

After restarting, re-use netstat detection:
~# Netstat-an | grep 3306
You can then connect thetransferred from:

MySQL Trace sql

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