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This design pattern is in the "Big Talk Design Pattern" The original book to complete, just this book is Java code, I use the PHP language implementation, may be some places not quite the same, I based on personal experience updated under, if there is wrong place, please forgive me, now only completed a part, the following will slowly update.

1: The 1th chapter of the Strategy mode "strategy pattern" details

2:2nd Chapter Proxy Mode "proxy pattern" details

3:3rd One-case pattern "SINGLETON pattern"

4: The 4th Chapter "Multition pattern" in multiple cases

5:5th Factory method Mode "FACTORY pattern"

6:6th Abstract Factory Model "abstract FACTORY pattern"

7:7th Chapter Façade Mode "facade pattern"

8:8th Chapter Adapter Mode "ADAPTER pattern"

9: The 9th Chapter Template Method Pattern "template methods pattern"

10:10th Builder Pattern "builders pattern"

11:11th bridge Pattern, "bridge pattern"

12:12th Chapter Command Pattern

13:13th Chapter Decoration Mode "DECORATOR pattern"

14:14th iterator pattern "ITERATOR pattern"

15:15th Chapter Combination Mode "COMPOSITE pattern"

16:16th Observer pattern "OBSERVER pattern"

17:17th chapter of the Chain of responsibility "CHAIN of RESPONSIBILITY pattern"

18:18th Visitor Mode "VISITOR pattern"

19:19th Status mode "state pattern"

20:20th Chapter Prototype Pattern "PROTOTYPE pattern"

21:21st Chapter "Mediator pattern" of intermediary mode

22:22nd Interpreter Mode "Interpreter pattern"

23:23rd Chapter Hengyuan Pattern "FLYWEIGHT pattern"

24:24th Memorandum Mode "MEMENTO pattern"

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