PHP code obfuscation 2.0.0 version of the download, how to handle

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PHP code obfuscation version 2.0.0 download
PHP Code obfuscation version 2.0.0

Search the Internet for a lot of JS of the obfuscation and the effect is very good, but there is no way to confuse the PHP code tools. In order to do the PHP code confusion I tangled up on the internet for some time. Foreign obfuscation tools are also debugging a few, there is no support for Chinese.

It took a while, from the PHP folder traversal to the parsing of PHP code features, and then to the confusion of strings, writing this simple PHP code obfuscation tool. The method is very stupid, but the effect of confusion is good, can realize PHP variables, functions, classes and JS variables, functions, classes, and the mix of PHP and JS, HTML mixed code into one line, which reduces the size of PHP files, but also make PHP file code more difficult to read work.

The open source address for this method is: A82.0.0.rar&can=2&q= #makechanges

Version is the PHP code obfuscation version 2.0.0.

If you use this method, or rewrite a part of the method, you can discuss it in QQ group 37304662, or comment to the back of this article.

Here's how to use it:

#作者: Xiaoxiang Blog
#BLOG: Http://
#QQ群: 37304662
#本程序采用的是直接替换方法, so in the use of the process should pay attention to PHP, JS function, the existence of the class position.
#本程序功能是混淆PHP, JS variables, functions, classes, making the confusing program difficult to read. And the mixed code of PHP and HTML is formatted as a line.
How to use:

The file location to confuse
$mwww = './libwww1 ';
Confusing file storage location
$mdir = './libwww2 ';
Non-confusing PHP files
$notfile =array (' pinyin.php ');

The variable to replace
$mreplase =array (' $select ', ' $where ',);

The function to replace
$mrefun =array (' SetUrl ', ' Str_check ');

The class to replace
$mreclass =array (' UploadFile ');

The compression effect of this tool on the Captcha class is as follows:

Width= $width; $this->height= $height; $this->codenum= $codenum; } function _rlms_0d870567895d8b2c7f03b06828f3b3fef1584b () {$this->outfileheader (); $this->createcode (); $ This->createimage (); $this->_rlms_616f711d9800a56e062ef34bbe09b5a98ddf87b656183794e2 (); $this->_rlms_a621b9026cade2311acceb3408dc75d3a95dcbfb6523 (); Imagepng ($this-&GT;_RLMS_FA747DCD2284A7EEB022A47E4493B9E9A9F7E93A311FB7A4F76DCF062B4B2D3B3BFB); Imagedestroy ($this-&GT;_RLMS_FA747DCD2284A7EEB022A47E4493B9E9A9F7E93A311FB7A4F76DCF062B4B2D3B3BFB); } Private Function Outfileheader () {Header ("Content-type:image/png"),} Private Function Createcode () {$this->check Code = Strtoupper (SUBSTR (MD5 (rand ()), 0, $this->codenum)); } Private Function CreateImage () {$this->_rlms_ FA747DCD2284A7EEB022A47E4493B9E9A9F7E93A311FB7A4F76DCF062B4B2D3B3BFB = @imagecreate ($this->width, $this height); $back = Imagecolorallocate ($this->_rlms_fa747dcd2284a7eeb022a47e4493b9e9a9f7e93a311fb7a4f76dcf062b4b2d3b3bfb, 255,255,255); $border = imagecolorallocate ($this->_rlms_ fa747dcd2284a7eeb022a47e4493b9e9a9f7e93a311fb7a4f76dcf062b4b2d3b3bfb,0,0,0); Imagefilledrectangle ($this->_rlms_fa747dcd2284a7eeb022a47e4493b9e9a9f7e93a311fb7a4f76dcf062b4b2d3b3bfb,0,0, $this->width-1, $this->height-1, $back); Imagerectangle ($this->_rlms_fa747dcd2284a7eeb022a47e4493b9e9a9f7e93a311fb7a4f76dcf062b4b2d3b3bfb,0,0, $this- >width-1, $this->height-1, $border); } Private Function _rlms_616f711d9800a56e062ef34bbe09b5a98ddf87b656183794e2 () {for ($_rlms_ 586ca1c0f20074d205c4e7b591870c5f06d3739d7bdf05a60d7fc402d97c74=0;$_rlms_ 586ca1c0f20074d205c4e7b591870c5f06d3739d7bdf05a60d7fc402d97c74<=200;$_rlms_ 586ca1c0f20074d205c4e7b591870c5f06d3739d7bdf05a60d7fc402d97c74++) {$this->disturbcolor = imagecolorallocate ($ THIS-&GT;_RLMS_FA747DCD2284A7EEB022A47E4493B9E9A9F7E93A311FB7A4F76DCF062B4B2D3B3BFB, Rand (0,255), Rand (0,255), Rand (0,255)); Imagesetpixel ($this->_rlms_fa747dcd2284a7eeb022a47e4493b9e9a9f7e93a311fb7a4f76dcf062b4b2d3b3bfb,rand (2,128), Rand (2,38), $this->disturbcolor); }} Private Function _rlms_a621b9026cade2311acceb3408dc75d3a95dcbfb6523 () {for ($_rlms_ 586ca1c0f20074d205c4e7b591870c5f06d3739d7bdf05a60d7fc402d97c74=0;$_rlms_ 586ca1c0f20074d205c4e7b591870c5f06d3739d7bdf05a60d7fc402d97c74<= $this->codenum;$_rlms_ 586ca1c0f20074d205c4e7b591870c5f06d3739d7bdf05a60d7fc402d97c74++) {$BG _color = imagecolorallocate ($this->_rlms _FA747DCD2284A7EEB022A47E4493B9E9A9F7E93A311FB7A4F76DCF062B4B2D3B3BFB, Rand (0,255), Rand (0,128), Rand (0,255)); $_rlms_83082d22f02a8c20bc3a48662fcacad106d3734c010d890386413ca7a65c5cf38004 = Floor ($this->width/$this Codenum) *$_rlms_586ca1c0f20074d205c4e7b591870c5f06d3739d7bdf05a60d7fc402d97c74+5; $_RLMS_01700CA6C11BF8F67D9B1A10915A457406D373CF84226B2EE10E2CAC2101FFEA07E0545D44 = rand (0, $this->height-15); Imagechar ($this->_rlms_fa747dcd2284a7eeb022a47e4493b9e9a9f7e93a311fb7a4f76dcf062b4b2d3b3bfb, rand (5,8), $_ Rlms_83082d22f02a8c20bc3a48662fcacad106d3734c010d890386413ca7a65c5cf38004, $_rlms_ 01700CA6C11BF8F67D9B1A10915A457406D373CF84226B2EE10E2CAC2101FFEA07E0545D44, $this->checkcode[$_rlms_ 586CA1C0F20074D205C4E7B591870C5F06D3739D7BDF05A60D7FC402D97C74], $BG _color); }} function __destruct () {unset ($this->width, $this->height, $this->codenum);}} ?>
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