PHP Image Add text watermark Method Summary

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Method One:

<?PHPHeader("Content-type:text/html;charset=utf-8");//Specify picture Path$src= "Img/a.png";//Get picture information$info=getimagesize($src);//get the picture name extension$type= Image_type_to_extension ($info[2],false);//echo $type;//exit;//the picture into memory dynamically$fun= "imagecreatefrom{$type}";$image=$fun("Img/a.png");//Var_dump ($image);//exit;//Specify font color$col= Imagecolorallocatealpha ($image, 255,255,255,50);//Var_dump ($col);//exit;//Specify font content$content= ' HelloWorld ';//$content = "<span style= ' color:red;font-style:italic; ' > ". $content." </span> ";//echo $content;//exit;//add text to the pictureImagestring ($image, 80,200, 90,$content,$col);//Specifying input TypesHeader(' Content-type: '.$info[' MIME ']);//dynamic output images to the browser$func= "image{$type}";$func($image);//Destroying picturesImagedestroy ($image); ?>

Method Two:

<?PHPHeader("Content-type:text/html;charset=utf-8");classImage_class {Private $image; Private $info; /** * @param $src: Picture path * load Picture into memory*/  function__construct ($src){    $info=getimagesize($src); $type= Image_type_to_extension ($info[2],false); $thisinfo =$info; $this->info[' type '] =$type; $fun= "Imagecreatefrom".$type; $this-image =$fun($src); }  /** * @param $fontsize: Font size * @param $x: The x position of the font in the picture * @param $y: The y position of the font in the picture * @param $color: The color of the font is an array containing RGBA * @param $text: What you want to add * manipulate images in memory to add text watermarks to pictures*/   Public functionFontmark ($fontsize,$x,$y,$color,$text){    $col= Imagecolorallocatealpha ($this->image,$color[0],$color[1],$color[2],$color[3]); Imagestring ($this->image,$fontsize,$x,$y,$text,$col); }  /** Output images to the browser*/   Public functionShow () {Header(' Content-type: '.$this-Info[' MIME ']); $fun= ' image '.$this->info[' type ']; $fun($this-image); }  /** * Destroy pictures*/  function__destruct () {Imagedestroy ($this-image); }}//calls to a class$obj=NewImage_class (' Img/a.png ');$obj->fontmark (20,150,50,Array(255,255,0,60), ' Hello ');$obj-Show ();?>

Method Three:

<?PHPHeader("Content-type:text/html;charset=utf-8");//ini_set ("Display_errors", true); /*How to add a text watermark to a picture*/$DST _path= ' Img/b.png ';$DST= Imagecreatefromstring (file_get_contents($DST _path));/*imagecreatefromstring ()--Creates a new image from the image stream in the string, returns an image identifier that expresses the image Image format from a given string that is automatically monitored as long as PHP supports JPEG,PNG,GIF,WBMP,GD2.*///echo "AAA";//exit;$font= ' Font/arial.ttf ';$black= Imagecolorallocate ($DST, 255, 0, 0); Imagefttext ($DST, 50, 50, 160, 180,$black,$font, ' Hello ');/*Imagefttext ($img, $size, $angle, $x, $y, $color, $fontfile, $text) $ IMG Returns image resource by image creation function size to use the font size of the watermark angle (angle) The tilt angle of the text, if it is 0 degrees representing the text from left to right, if it is 90 degrees from the top down X, Y the starting position of the first text of the watermark text color is the fontfile of the watermark text and you want to use the path of the TrueType font*/List($DST _w,$DST _h,$DST _type) =getimagesize($DST _path);/*list (mixed $varname [, mixed $ ...] --Assigning values in an array to some variables like array (), this is not a real function, but a language structure, and List () assigns a set of variables in one step*//*What information can I get from getimagesize ()? The GetImageSize function returns all information about the image, including size, type, and so on*/Switch($DST _type){   Case1://GIF    Header("Content-type:image/gif"); Imagegif ($DST);  Break;  Case2://JPG    Header("Content-type:image/jpeg"); Imagejpeg ($DST);  Break;  Case3://PNG    Header("Content-type:image/png"); Imagepng ($DST);  Break; default: Break; /*imagepng--Output the image in PNG format to a browser or file Imagepng () exports the GD image Stream (image) in PNG format to the callout output (usually a browser), or if filename is given with filename, it is output to a file */}imagedestroy ($DST); ?>

PHP Image Add text watermark Method Summary

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