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The include (or require) statement gets all the text/code/tags that exist in the specified file and is copied to the file that uses the include statement.

The include file is useful if you need to refer to the same PHP, HTML, or text on multiple pages of the site.

PHP include and Require statements

With the include or require statement, you can insert the contents of a php file into another PHP file (before the server executes it).

The Include and require statements are the same, in addition to error handling:

    • Require generates a fatal error (E_COMPILE_ERROR) and stops the script
    • Include only generates a warning (e_warning), and the script continues

Therefore, if you want to continue execution and output the results to the user, use include if the included file is missing. Otherwise, in framework, CMS, or complex PHP application programming, always use require to reference critical files to the execution stream. This helps improve the security and integrity of your application in the event that a critical file is accidentally lost.

The inclusion of files saves a lot of work. This means that you can create a standard header, footer, or menu file for all pages. Then, when the page header needs to be updated, you only need to update the header include file.


Include ' filename ';


Require ' filename ';

PHP include instance

Example 1

Let's say we have a standard footer file called "footer.php", just like this:

  Copyright? 2006-". Date ("Y"). "

";? >

To refer to this footer file in one page, use the Include statement:

Welcome to visit our homepage!

A paragraph of text.

A paragraph of text.

Require_once (PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7):

The require_once statement is exactly the same as the Require statement, except that PHP checks to see if the file has already been included, and if so, it will not be included again. See Include_once's documentation to understand the meaning of _once and to understand what is different when there is no _once.

The above describes the PHP include file, including the aspects of the content, I hope that the PHP tutorial interested in a friend helpful.

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