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PHP Form Submit button

Own test wrote a message board, want to modify the function. , where there are 3 buttons, how can I click on different buttons to submit different content. Thank you very much.
The source code of only one button is probably as follows: (I want to add two buttons after the name, and the title, but also to implement the submission)

This requirement has also been seen for the first time, the simplest way to write 3 form, each form inside a box and a submit
Or you can look at Ajax and use Javascipt to do it.
However, the usual practice is to have only one submit button, the server side to determine whether the form value is empty, and then do the corresponding operation
Why do you want to do that? Add a value to the form form, such as Button1 to filter out unwanted portions (button2.button3) when PHP receives the data.
The front desk of course also a lot of processing methods, but I really do not understand what you this is the demand
As long as you give the three "OK" button to a different name, you can receive the submission of the PHP program processed separately

Unfortunately, there is only one commit button in your sample code, and you don't know where the two are?
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