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PHP HTML No refresh submission form, phphtml submit form

Typically, we use AJAX to submit a form without a flush. A while ago, I followed the boss. Another way to submit a form without flushing is to use the IFRAME framework. Now let's sort it out and share it with everyone.
The first type:
HTML page

    No Refresh Submission Form        

PHP Page: form.php

<?php//non-null authentication if (empty ($_post[' uname ') | | empty ($_post[' pwd ")) {  echo ';  Exit }  //Verify password if ($_post[' uname '! = ' Jack ' | | $_post[' PWD ']! = ' 123456 ') {  echo ';  Exit } else {  echo ';  Exit }

The second type:
HTML page

    IFRAME Submission Form        

PHP Page: form.php

<?php//Set time zone Date_default_timezone_set (' PRC ');  /* Message status  : Status  msg: Prompt message */$msg = array (' status ' =>0, ' msg ' = ');  Get the data submitted $name = $_post[' username '); $pwd = $_post[' userpwd ');  Analog Login Verification $user = Array (); $user [' name '] = ' jack '; $user [' pwd '] = ' jack2014 ';  if ($name! = $user [' name ']) {  $msg [' msg '] = ' The user is not registered! ';  $str = Json_encode ($msg);  echo $str;  Exit }else if ($pwd! = $user [' pwd ']) {  $msg [' msg '] = ' input password error! ';  $str = Json_encode ($msg);  echo $str;  Exit }  $msg [' msg '] = ' login successful! '; $msg [' status '] = 1; $str = Json_encode ($msg); Echo $str;

The above is the whole content of this article, I hope that you learn PHP programming help.

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