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Talking about the development of PHP in recent years, it can be said that by leaps and bounds. The EDC statistics in 2006 show that PHP has become one of the world's three programming languages, and that it competes as a web scripting language. The other two languages (Java and. net) are common languages (multiple applications can be developed). But, incredibly, PHP is currently developing at a rate of 37% significantly higher than the other two languages.

At the same time in the country, the development of PHP is also very rapid. At present in the major websites gathered in Beijing, PHP is almost everywhere. Baidu, Sina, Sohu, Tom and so on all major internet portals are widely used in this PHP. At the same time, in the past two years, Beijing has many small portal sites, but also most of the use of PHP technology. Even the demand for PHP engineers has increased. PHP's official website in China revealed that the current average of the treatment of PHP engineers in Beijing can be one times higher than the ASP engineers.

So why has PHP developed so quickly in recent years? In fact, with the rapid development of the web is closely linked. In addition, the rapid development of lamp makes the application of PHP more extensive. So here I am on the web fast development of this big environment, and everyone under why PHP can grasp this opportunity, one success.

To sum up, PHP can be developed for three reasons:

• Web-tailored, Web language preferred, lamp architecture safe and stable

• Simple, rapid development, strong scalability

· The development of enterprise-class application in PHP

Web-tailored, Web language preferred, secure and stable

At this year's lamp convention, I saw one of PHP's founders, Zeev Suraski. Also listened to his report on the overall introduction of PHP for us. While listening to his original intention to develop PHP, he said he and Andi needed a very web-appropriate language to write a project, so they found the best php/hi. At the same time they completed the project, they found Php/hi very technical prospects, so they joined the development of PHP, and later together developed Zend Engine, and free embedded in PHP, released PHP4 so that PHP really developed.

We can find that later in the PHP version of some of the versions of the upgrade, PHP has been around the web to increase its characteristics, which is intended for the long-term use of PHP as a technology hosting platform for the site is very appropriate for the company. On this point Zeev I also said that in the PHP5 certain version of the time had to put some very good features removed, is to continue the stability of PHP features.

Once listened to a website's technical manager said: "If does the software, if wants to do the website to use php!". At that time we all thought this was a joke, and now it's really like that. At present, many of the Web site project owners are very trusting of PHP. Feel that PHP is very much in place to support the Web.

About the security of PHP applications, the benefit of PHP is open source. In the PHP community there are more than 500 PHP writing engineers supporting PHP, the release of the source code to win wide support for it. Of course, when it comes to PHP security, you can't mention the lamp architecture. Based on the stability of the lamp platform, it can be proved by the usage of the server of the major websites in China.

Simple, rapid development, strong scalability

2006LAMP Conference, I found that Zeev when it comes to PHP features, the first one talks about using simplicity. And that's why PHP works. And Zeev is strong. PHP will remain in a simple style so that users can easily and quickly develop PHP applications. It is said that the last hurricane hit the United States, deliberately built for this site is used in PHP, a total of 3 days. Although this time looks very short, but after our careful analysis, is also possible.

I personally think it is not only foreign, but also the domestic. Personally, the advantages of simplicity are the necessary conditions for the rapid growth of the enterprise. Using PHP to do a Web site can build a small web site in a very short period of time. Thus created a large number of "personal webmaster." At the same time, also in the domestic birth of a lot of PHP

In addition, the scalability of PHP is also very good, if you develop products with PHP, you can very quickly according to customer demand for customization. And in a wide range of PHP community, PHP developers can provide a large number of resource support. A PHP developer can quickly get the project, program, or specific functional code he needs. At this point, many of the products to promote the establishment of the company also has a deep feeling. For example, forums, CMS and online shopping, and so on.

The development of enterprise-class application in PHP

As we all know, PHP has always been considered as a grass-roots class into language. So the big factor that bothers PHP development is the recognition of big enterprise. Government, large enterprises, such as the increase in PHP projects in recent years, the performance is also very prominent, this may be more obvious abroad, it greatly improved the confidence of everyone in the choice of PHP.

From the two years of global PHP Annual meeting, many manufacturers began to focus on PHP, to participate in the annual meeting. Even as IBM, Oracle and other companies directly with the Zend company to promote and improve the functionality of PHP in large projects. IBM itself has also come up with a lot of PHP to implement its projects.

  In addition, it is straightforward to mention that a large project will value the availability of some technical support when considering open source lamp architecture. And about the technical support of PHP, or should be concerned about its founder of the company Zend Technology company. Zend does a lot of work in pushing PHP to enterprise applications.
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