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PHP to determine the existence of the e-mail address method, PHP e-mail address

PHP Check the e-mail address of a lot of methods, more commonly used is to write their own regular, but it is more troublesome, I have a method of PHP to do calibration.


Filter_var is a PHP built-in variable filtering method, provides a lot of practical filters, can be used to verify the integer, floating point, Mailbox, URL, MAC address and so on.

Specific filter Reference: Filters.validate

Filter_var If you return false, it means that the variable cannot pass through the filter, which is illegal.

$email = ""; Var_dump (Filter_var ($email, Filter_validate_email));  $email = "ASB"; Var_dump (Filter_var ($email, Filter_validate_email)); $email = ""; Var_dump (Filter_var ($email, Filter_validate_email)); Output:  string (+) "" bool (FALSE) string (7) ""

For ASB This illegal mailbox format returned false, but for the passed, or slightly flawed ah.

But the general regular also through will think is a legal mailbox, then what method can be more accurate verification?


CHECKDNSRR is actually used to query the DNS record of the specified host, and we can borrow it to verify that the mailbox exists.

For, the MX record must not exist.

$email = "";  Var_dump (CHECKDNSRR (Array_pop (Explode ("@", $email)), "MX");  $email = "";  Var_dump (CHECKDNSRR (Array_pop (Explode ("@", $email)), "MX");   Output:  bool (TRUE)  bool (FALSE)

Can see, very perfect, the only drawback is too slow, after all, is to do a network request. So it is not appropriate to synchronize to a large number of mailboxes to use this practice to verify.


We can engage Filter_var and CHECKDNSRR do calibration, for the vast majority of illegal mailbox will certainly be in the Filter_var when the time to hang off, the rest of the use

CHECKDNSRR further judgment.

$email _arr = Array ("", "");  foreach ($email _arr as $email) {    if (Filter_var ($email) = = = False) {      echo "invalid email: $email \ n";      Continue;    }     if (CHECKDNSRR (Array_pop ("@", $email), "MX") = = = False) {      echo "invalid email: $email \ n";      Continue;    }  }   Output: Invalid

However, it is important to note that because only the MX record is checked, it is only possible to judge that the is present, but it does not indicate that the Lastchiliarch user is present.

To more accurately determine the existence of the mailbox, it can only connect to the SMTP server to verify.

Below for everyone to share the PHP e-mail address regular expression validation, the specific content is as follows

<?php header ("content-type:text/html; Charset=utf-8 "); $reply = ""; if (Isset ($_post["email_address")) {  $email _address = $_post["email_address"];  $pattern = "/^ ([0-9a-za-z\\-_\\.] +) @ ([0-9a-z]+\\. [A-z] {2,3} (\\. [A-z] {2})?) $/i ";  if (Preg_match ($pattern, $email _address))  {   $reply = "The email address you entered is legal

\ n "; $user _name = preg_replace ($pattern, "$", $email _address); $domain _name = preg_replace ($pattern, "$", $email _address); $reply. = "User name:" $user _name. "
\ n "; $reply. = "Domain name:" $domain _name. "
\ n "; } else { $reply = "The e-mail address you entered is not valid"; }}? >e-mail Address verification Program

e-mail Address verification Program

<?php echo $reply;? >

I hope you like this article, for everyone to help.

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