PHP uses PEAR_SMTP to send mail, pear_smtp send mail _php tutorial

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PHP uses PEAR_SMTP to send mail, pear_smtp send mail

PHP comes with the mail function compared to the egg pain, under win configured SendMail or unable to send mail. A third-party pear/mail can be used to send servers directly through SMTP connection messages. such as ( It is therefore not necessary to install similar software such as SendMail on this machine.
Make sure that the Pear Mail package is installed.

<?php  require_once "vendor/autoload.php";    $from = "Test
  ";  $to = "Test 
   ";  $subject = "hi!";  $body = "Hi,\n\nhow is you?";    $host = ""; $port = "";  $username = "";  $password = "test123";    $headers = Array (' from ' + $from, ' to ' and ' = '   $to,   ' Subject ' = $subject);  $SMTP = mail::factory (' smtp ',   Array (' host ' = = $host,    ' port ' = = $port,    ' auth ' = "= True,   //') Debug ' =>true,    ' username ' = $username,    ' password ' and $password));    $mail = $smtp->send ($to, $headers, $body);    if (Pear::iserror ($mail)) {   echo ("

" . $mail->getmessage (). "

"); } else { echo ("

Message successfully sent!

"); } ? >

This is a non-encrypted method.
Phper most use the Mail function to send mail, but we can use the other SMTP server to send, it is recommended to use the PEAR ' s mail package to send mail.

 $subject = "This mail was sent from SMTP."; $mail _body = "The body of the The mail which is sent using SMTP.";  $from = "From:from Name"
 "; $to = "To:to Name 
    ";  $receiver = ""; Setting up the headers$headers["from"] = $from; $headers ["to"] = $to; $headers ["Subject"] = $subject; $headers ["reply-to"] = ""; $headers ["content-type"] = "text/plain; CHARSET=ISO-2022-JP ";  $headers ["return-path"] = ""; Setting up the SMTP setting$smtp_info["host"] = ""; $SMTP _info["port"] = "25"; $SMTP _info["auth"] = true; $SMTP _info["username"] = "smtp_user";  $SMTP _info["password"] = "Smtp_password";  Creating the PEAR Mail object: $mail _obj =& mail::factory ("SMTP", $smtp _info);  Sending the Mail now$mail_sent = $mail _obj->send ($receiver, $headers, $mail _body);
 If any error the "See for" Here:if (Pear::iserror ($mail _sent)) {print ($mail _sent->getmessage ());} 


A third case:

Before using the following source code, configure the path of the pear, download the NET_SMTP package
Choose a different setting method in the php.ini file depending on your operating system

; UNIX: "/path1:/path2" include_path = ".:/php/pear";; Windows: "\path1;\path2"; include_path = ".; C:\php\pear "Require ' net/smtp.php '; $host = ' ';//smtp server's IP or domain name $username= ' arcow ';//Login SMTP server username $password= '  Secret ';//Login SMTP server password $from = ' '; Who sent the message $rcpt = Array (' ', ' ');//Can be set multiple receivers $SUBJ = "Subject: who you are \ \"//Subject $body = "Test it";//message content/* Build a class */if (! ($smtp = new Net_smtp ($host))) {die ("Cannot initialize class net_smtp!\n");} /* Start connecting to the SMTP server */if (pear::iserror ($e = $smtp->connect ())) {Die ($e->getmessage (). "\ n");} /* SMTP requires authentication */$SMTP->auth ($username, $password, "PLAIN");/* Set Sender Mailbox */if (Pear::iserror ($smtp->mailfrom ($from )) {die ("unable to set the sender's mailbox to < $from >\n");}  /* Set the Mail Recipient */foreach ($rcpt as $to) {if (Pear::iserror ($res = $smtp->rcptto ($to))) {Die ("mail cannot be delivered to < $to;:". $res->getmessage ().  "\ n"); }}/* begins sending the message content */if (Pear::iserror ($smtp->data ($subj. "\ r \ n". $body)) {die ("Unable to send data\n");} /* Disconnect */$SMTP->disconnecT (); echo "sent successfully!" ";? >

The above is the entire content of this article, PHP use pear_smtp send mail three cases, I hope to learn PHP program for you to help.

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