Registration and common features for IOS and Android test hosting platform

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Tags hosting as a professional IOS and Android Test Package Publishing site, registration super simple, support input URL direct download and QR code scan download. Features similar to TestFlight, but stronger than it, support for visitor access passwords,bothIOS and Android test apps. Similar to TestFlight, and higher than TestFlight.

1. Registration is the simplest way I can see, generally enter a mailbox and password to log in, and support the anonymous upload app, the site based on the uploaded app file suffix automatically merged into the IOS app or Android app category. Support QQ, Weibo authorized login. Registration successful login mailbox activation, activation can be used normally.

2. Login complete, click on the first page to publish, you can upload the APP.

3. After logging in, you can also change your password or bind another login account to upload your avatar.

4. The IOS app generates an IPA file when the certificate needs to be a developer certificate, and the publisher certificate upload APP does not install properly.

5. After uploading the app, you can focus on the most important features of my app.

5.1 I can see all the apps posted in this account (bundle identifier as the classification standard, the bundle identifier can't upload updates, can only publish new apps or upload updates in the same bundle identifier app) 。

5.2 Click the application record can go to the specific application of the Panel, click Upload a new version can upload a new application (not like Testfligh t need every time the build version of the Xcode project, by the site to upload the app build version number), upload the app successfully, Prompt to fill in the upload content description, can not fill in the direct point to complete.

5.3 In the Apps panel, click on the invite new member or click the Sidebar permission settings option to go to the Permissions Settings page. Click Generate a public link can be implemented in bulk, generally not many people open this enough functionality, usually their own test is not published to everyone. Invite developers and testers by filling in your email address and clicking the Developer check box and invitation button, or remove the developer and tester by deleting the button. Of course, only the UDID of the test phone will be added to the certificate to download and install the app properly. How to get the UDID of the device and send it to the developer:, how to check if the user UDID added success: topic/549936b25ffeb046501e7b3f

5.4 In the app panel click the Basic Info button to switch to the basic Information page, by clicking the Expand History version and clicking on the corresponding mark for the historical version can be implemented to switch the previous version to the historical version. Historical versions can only be downloaded in QR code. With two-dimensional code can be downloaded, cannot use QQ QR code to download, the other two-dimensional code has not been tested.

5.5 Click the Device List button in the application panel to switch to the Device List page, you can see the same as the device UDID list in the Apple certificate.

5.7 Click the Apply Settings button in the application panel to switch to the app Settings page, this is the most important page of this application panel. Download page for all visible determines whether a QR code can be used to download IOS or Android phones to download different app merge features (not the same one can download different apps), you can set the guest password, support to modify the download short link and delete the app.

5.8 In the application panel click the Apply Merge Sidebar button to switch to the app merge page, enter the application short link, point search, find the post-point merge can be implemented by a QR code download, you can also remove the merge.

6. The invited developer can upload the APP via the user's dynamic message list by clicking on the Accept invitation, but does not modify some of the permissions such as download short link.

7. Immediately the page automatically saves the settings you have selected. have to say the author Chao this convenience function is very powerful, indeed tall, praise one. let us these yards farmers do not have to wait for the application cumbersome and repeated audit, also do not have to open for the development of Apple website super slow worry, after all, the domestic website than the foreign site access to faster. Also do not need to download an Android APP to go to the intranet SVN download (and have permission), sit at home can also download the test. IOS Publishing APP Specific reference article:

Thank Jia for sharing the user experience, if you encounter any problems in the use of the process, please let us know the comments ~

Registration and common features for IOS and Android test hosting platform

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