Set cookie and read cookie in JS, and set cookie read in js

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Set cookie and read cookie in JS, and set cookie read in js

JavaScript is a script running on the client. Therefore, the Session cannot be set because the Session is running on the server.

The cookie runs on the client, so you can use JS to set the cookie.

Summary of cookie setting methods in js:


<Script> // set cookiefunction setCookie (cname, cvalue, exdays) {var d = new Date (); d. setTime (d. getTime () + (exdays * 24x60*60*1000); var expires = "expires =" + d. toUTCString (); document. cookie = cname + "=" + cvalue + ";" + expires;} // obtain cookiefunction getCookie (cname) {var name = cname + "="; var ca = document. cookie. split (';'); for (var I = 0; I <ca. length; I ++) {var c = ca [I]; while (c. charAt (0) = '') C = c. substring (1); if (c. indexOf (name )! =-1) return c. substring (name. length, c. length);} return "" ;}// clear cookie function clearCookie (name) {setCookie (name, "",-1);} function checkCookie () {var user = getCookie ("username"); if (user! = "") {Alert ("Welcome again" + user);} else {user = prompt ("Please enter your name:", ""); if (user! = "" & User! = Null) {setCookie ("username", user, 365) ;}} checkCookie (); </script>


<Script> // JS method for operating cookies! // Write cookiesfunction setCookie (c_name, value, expiredays) {var exdate = new Date (); exdate. setDate (exdate. getDate () + expiredays); document. cookie = c_name + "=" + escape (value) + (expiredays = null )? "": "; Expires =" + exdate. toGMTString ();} // read cookiesfunction getCookie (name) {var arr, reg = new RegExp ("(^ |)" + name + "= ([^;] *) (; | $) "); if (arr = document. cookie. match (reg) return (arr [2]); else return null;} // Delete cookiesfunction delCookie (name) {var exp = new Date (); exp. setTime (exp. getTime ()-1); var cval = getCookie (name); if (cval! = Null) document. cookie = name + "=" + cval + "; expires =" + exp. toGMTString () ;}// use example setCookie ('username', 'darren', 30) alert (getCookie ("username"); </script>

Example 3

<Html> <meta http-equiv = "Content-Type" content = "text/html; charset = UTF-8 "/> 


Chrome cannot obtain the cookie locally. It must be on the server. If it is local, you can put it under the local www directory.

Google Chrome only supports reading and writing cookies on online websites, and does not allow cookie operations on local html. Therefore, if you write the following code in a local html file, the content of the pop-up dialog box is blank.

document.cookie = "Test=cooo";alert(document.cookie);

If this page is the content of an online website, the cookie content Test = cooo will be displayed normally.

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