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In the process of passing parameters in js in the front and back end, garbled characters are easy to appear if it is Chinese, so it is best to encode it first. 1. Add the encoding method of the entire website to the web. config file.

In this way, the parameters are transmitted in gb2312 Chinese encoding mode. The default value is UTF-8.
2. the parameter is first encoded during transmission, first encoded when accepted, and then received.
String mm = Server. URLEncode (you );
Response. Redirect (index. aspx? Mm = + mm );
Then decode on the receiving page:
String mm = Server. URLDecode (Requext. querystring (mm ));
There are several methods in javascript to encode URL strings: escape (), encodeURI (), and encodeURIComponent (). These encodings play different roles.
Escape () method:
The specified string is encoded using the ISO Latin character set. All space characters, punctuation marks, special characters, and other non-ASCII characters will be converted into character encoding in % xx format (xx equals to the hexadecimal encoding of this character in the character set table number ). For example, the space character is encoded as % 20.
Characters not encoded by this method: @ */+
EncodeURI () method:
Convert a URI string to an escape string in UTF-8 encoding format.
Characters not encoded by this method :! @ # $ & * () = :/;? +'
EncodeURIComponent () method:
Convert a URI string to an escape string in UTF-8 encoding format. Compared with encodeURI (), this method will encode more characters, such. Therefore, if the string contains several parts of the URI, this method cannot be used for encoding. Otherwise, the URL will display an error after the/character is encoded.
Characters not encoded by this method :! *()'
Therefore, for a Chinese string, if you do not want to convert the string encoding format to the UTF-8 format (for example, when the charset of the original page and the target page is consistent), you only need to use escape. If your page is GB2312 or another code, and the page that accepts the parameter is UTF-8 code, use encodeURI or encodeURIComponent.
In addition, encodeURI/encodeURIComponent is introduced after javascript1.5, and escape is available in javascript1.0.

Parameter passing: Use encodeURI ("url parameter") to encode the url
Receiving parameter: decode with decodeURI ("received value ")
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