Website Security Dog Nginx version V2.0 released comprehensive Protection website security

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Website Security Dog is a security dog's collection of Web site content security protection, website resource Protection and website traffic protection functions as one of the security protection software, comprehensive protection of Web site security on the server, features cover the network horse/trojan scan, anti-SQL injection, anti-theft chain, anti-CC attacks, real-time website traffic monitoring, website CPU monitoring, Download thread protection, IP black and white list management, Web page anti-tampering function, etc. can provide users with real-time website security protection, to avoid the various types of attacks on the site of the harm caused. More than 1 million websites are currently protected.

This May, the security dog released the website Security Dog Nginx version of V1.0, which makes up for the previous security dog on the Nginx blank, and provides a number of protection features. But for us who have been striving for excellence and pursuing security, this is just the beginning. In the next five months, the product, research and development, testing day-to-day efforts, and finally on October 10 more comprehensive and more stable nginx version V2.0 advent.

This release mainly updates the following:

1, new network horse scanning function.

Local network horse engine and the Cloud Network horse engine combination, accurate killing all kinds of network horse, hanging Horse, black chain and malformed files. Intelligent Avira, accurate, fast, low-resource consumption, completely and effectively remove the backdoor hidden trouble. Scanning methods can be divided into: full-site scan, custom website scanning, custom path scanning, scheduled scan

2, new website back-up protection function, support password method, session mode protection, can be used as a Web container and reverse proxy.

Background Protection IP Mode

Background Protection session Authentication Mode

3, new file upload protection function;

4, new multi-threaded download control function;

5, the new service cloud remote operation support;

6, added to Ngx_cache_purge, Nginx_upstream_jvm_route, ngx_http_substitutions_filter_module third-party module support;

7, solve the latest injection bypass vulnerability;

8, optimize the protection rules, improve the overall protection ability;

After this update, the website security Dog will continue its strong and comprehensive protection under the Linux system, and continues to provide more secure and free protection for more users in the future. For the security dog, every version of the update means our persistent pursuit of cyber security, which is a kind of belief is a kind of ability. In the future, safe dog will bring more expectation to the customers.

Security Dog Website:

Website Security Dog Nginx version V2.0 released comprehensive Protection website security

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