Windows 10 64-bit installation of MySQL5.6.35 graphic tutorial, mysql5.6.3564 download

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Windows 10 64-bit installation of MySQL5.6.35 graphic tutorial, mysql5.6.3564 download

1. Download MySQL Community Server 5.6.35



2. decompress the MySQL package

Decompress the downloaded MySQL package to the custom directory. I put it in D: \ Program Files \ MySQL \

Add environment variables (in my opinion, you only need to add them to user variables, and do not modify system variables as much as possible)

Variable name: MYSQL_HOME

Variable value: D: \ Program Files \ MySQL

That is, the custom extract directory of mysql.

Add % MYSQL_HOME % \ bin in Path.

Register windows Services

Register mysql as a windows system service

The procedure is as follows:

1) Right-click the Start menu and choose "command prompt (Administrator )"

2) enter the service installation command:


mysqld install MySQL –defaults-file=”D:\Program Files\mysql-5.6.11-winx64\my-default.ini”

After the installation is successful, a message is displayed, indicating that the service is successfully installed.

If D: \ Program Files \ MySQL \ bin> mysqld install MySQL-defaults-file = "D: \ Program Files \ MySQL \ my-default.ini" appears"
The service already exists!
The current server installed: "D: \ Program Files \ MySQL \ bin \ mysqld"-defaults-file = "D: \ Program Files \ MySQL \ my-default.ini" MySQL

Indicates that the service has been registered. Remove the service.

Command: mysqld remove

5. Start the MySQL Service

Method 1:

Run the following command to start the service: net start mysql.

Method 2:

Open the management tools service and find the MySQL service.

Right-click Start or click Start on the left to start the service.

6. Modify the password of the root account

When the installation is complete, the default password of the root account is blank. You can change the password to the specified password. Example: 123456

Method 1:

c:>mysql –uroot mysql>show databases; mysql>use mysql; mysql>UPDATE user SETpassword=PASSWORD(“123456”) WHERE user='root'; mysql>FLUSH PRIVILEGES; mysql>QUIT

Method 2:

Use a third-party management tool to change the password. For example, Navicatfor MySQL

The above is a graphic tutorial on installing MySQL5.6.35 on 64-bit windows 10. I hope it will help you. If you have any questions, please leave a message and I will reply to you in time. Thank you very much for your support for the help House website!

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