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Win-getwindows-tip -- Debian information of the Linux release, which is described below. Debian/GNU should be the longest Linux release I have used, and Debian/GNU has the most obvious feature of apt-get/aptitude, A command can basically install the software and solve the environment where the software is 'dependency', so you can feel at ease and worry-free. Other installation methods sometimes prompt that there are few, which is really depressing. ubuntu is almost the same.

Win-get is an open-source project on It should be an installation method that imitates apt-get on the wn platform. :) on the homepage:

Win-get is an automatic install system and software repository for Microsoft Windows written in pascal (for the command line client) and php for the online repository. the ideas for its creation come from apt-get and other related tools for the * nix platforms.

In fact, many people are talking about this. I am not very interested, but this is my personal opinion. What is the software package mechanism used by Debian/GNU? Because it is easy to install (nonsense )... however, I think the most important thing is that apt-get/aptitude can effectively solve the dependency between software and cite the software/environment that requires the same installation, the most important thing is that Debian is very rigorous in doing so, with very few installations and misinstalls. therefore, win-get is essentially nothing.

Windowns does not need to consider any environment on which the software depends. Generally, the software that can be used in windows is 'pretty good to support windows ', during windows installation, all the files that should not be installed have been installed. Therefore, in addition to selecting the system version, other required files are also included in the software, there is no such concern in Linux ...... so the remaining advantage of win-get is that it is convenient to download and install. This advantage is not obvious to me, because I generally know what software I need, in addition, many users still find the 'green version' and do not often download updates.

However, I am very happy to see win-get, but it cannot absorb some Debian or Ubuntu users !! However, it is very likely that Debian/ubuntu has been used to install this tool, or it has some meaning for them. If not, you can still feel the 'pleasure 'Of this installation method '.

Windows-get is easy to install and use. Download and place it in 'Somewhere '(we recommend that you use the windows directory of drive C, which is in the environment variable, if we put it in Temp or Temporary Internet scripts, a configuration file will be generated, and the windows command line tool can be opened and used. wget.exeand win-get.exe cannot be opened directly, maybe that's why we need to put these two programs in the directory set in the environment variables. for more information, see win-get help for help:

Win-get do [software]-download (not installed)
Win-get info [software]-show software information
Win-get install [software]-Download Software
Win-get sinstall [software]-Download Software (client installed on the Network)
Win-get search [software]-search software (relative to apt-get cache serach ...)?
Win-get uninstall-open Add/delete panel
Win-get version-display win-get version
Win-get restore-List of stored software (faster next time)
Win-get dorestore-download a program to be repaired, but do not install
Note: The downloaded directory is generally the windows user folder C: \ Documents ents and Settings \ **. For example, if I use admin to log on to C: \ Documents ents and Settings \ Administrator

The software name can be found in the available software list.

In addition, although I am not very optimistic about win-get, many open-source software are still quite good, some are better than commercial software under win. For example, Debian & Fvwm -_-!! Emacs, Gvim, Firefox, Oo (not necessarily 'practically 'than M $) ...... I will not give an example if I have little knowledge.

P.S. what upset me most is that there is no image-watching software in Linux that is better than ACESee (versions earlier than 4.0.
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