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Zend Studio Introduction Zend Studio is a PHP language integrated development environment developed by Zend Technologies (Integrated development environment IDE). It also supports HTML and JS tags, but only provides debugging support for the PHP language. Because it is a product of the same company, it is better to provide Zend Framework support than other software.   After the Zend Studio5.5 series, the official launch took advantage of the Eclipse platform, PDT-based Zend Studio for Eclipse 6.0, and later versions were also built in eclipse. Zend Studio is the award-winning Professional PHP integrated development environment, with powerful professional editing tools and debugging tools, support PHP syntax highlighting, support syntax autofill, support bookmarks, support syntax Auto-indentation and code copy function, built-in a powerful PHP code debugging tools, Supports both local and remote debug modes, and supports a variety of advanced debugging features. Edit this paragraph Zend Studio features 1. Rapid Code development and configuration local and remote debuggers; 2. Database Connectivity & SQL Tools team environment; 3. Full PHP 4/php 5 switch phpdocs/php document handlers support SFTP, FTP Even SSH secure connection more than 100 code extracts, 4.5 or more sample database applications and Zend platform combination. Editing this paragraph Zend studio product features Zend studio design takes into account the needs of business application development, and is the perfect development environment for developers to use PHP to create powerful database application software.   Zend Studio has professional and enterprise developers to develop, configure, debug, and manage the ease of use, scalability, reliability, and scalability of critical business PHP applications. 1.PHP's most powerful development environment increases productivity with full PHP5 support, encoding analyzer, encoding combination functionality, syntax retrieval, project manager, encoding Editor, drawing Debugger (wizard). Super smart coding: with new and better analysis and optimization tools like PHP code detectors. PHP's standard logging tool--php document logger: very easy to record PHP code, program applications and scenarios.   The combination of FTP and SFTP simplifies configuration, allowing developers to securely upload and download project files from remote servers. 2. High level of business application development direct links to the most widely used professional databases, such as IBM Db2/cloudscape/derby, MySQL, Oracle, MicrosofT SQL Server, PostgreSQL and SQLite. Access to write and execute programs on the linked server is done by using the Zend SQL Query Editor supported with SQL92 and syntax retrieval.   View the database structure and manage content with Zend SQL Explorer. 3.PHP Complete Commissioning Environment Advanced debugging feature benefits include: Conditional breakpoints, Stack Trace View, Advance Watches, Variables and Output Buffer uses the most powerful PHP debugger to debug the local environment locally or remotely.   For local debugging or Internet-based remote debugging, you can ensure a secure connection debug and parse the code directly from the browser using "One click Browser Debug". 4. Strong team development and management tools apply CVS directly from within Zend Studio, making it easy for team development and collaboration by effectively managing source code. Use the comprehensive performance editor to monitor access capabilities and optimize the overall functionality of your application. When used in conjunction with Zend Platform, Zend Studio provides real-time feedback on code and scripting performance. ZEND STUDIO provides query, editing, and execution capabilities for popular SQL databases including MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2 and Cloudscape, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, and Postgre SQL. Edit this section Zend Studio main components Professional integrated development environment built-in editor, debugger, and help documentation for multiple operating system versions of Windows, Linux, MAC, multi-language Support professional editor keywords, syntax highlighting (PHP, HTML , XHTML, and Javascript) xml& CSS keyword, syntax highlighting code template support PHP 4 and PHP 5 code Auto-complete function PHP code (+PHPDOC) Analysis function Internal tuning Sample code excerpt PHP Code Analysis remote Debugger remotely Profiler database connection and integration query for: IBM Db2/cloudscape, MySQL, Oracle Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, and PostgreSQL new! Set of SQL Tools:sql QueRy Editor, SQL Explorer, and more. new! Phpdocumentor CVS Integration facilitates team development FTP highly integrated editing this section of Zend Studio features Zend Studio is the greatest PHP integrated development environment Today Zend Studio includes all the necessary parts of PHP development, through an entire   Set of editing, debugging, analysis, optimization, and Database Tools, using Zend Studio shortens the development cycle and simplifies complex application scenarios, which are already the most powerful PHP integrated development environment in the world today. Zend Studio is powerful, in addition to the general editor of the Code highlighting, automatic syntax indentation, bookmark functionality, its built-in debugger is impeccable, support both local and remote (debug server) debug mode, support such as tracking variables, single-step run, breakpoints, stack information, function calls, view real-time output and many other advanced debugging functions. In addition, the latest version (Zend Studio 5.5.1) support for Chinese is also very stable. Edit this paragraph Zend studio latest version Zend studio 9.0.2 (current latest edition) edit this paragraph Zend Studio English introduction The best of both Ajax and Flex Zend Studio for Eclipse combines proven capabilities to create the world's most powerful IDE for Rich Internet applications (RIAs). Studio ' s powerful developer tools combined with Adobe Flex Builder and integration with Zend Framework lets developers Bui   LD RIAs faster and easier. Zend Studio has superior support for developing modern Ajax applications. By providing powerful PHP capabilities, improved JavaScript support, deep integration to Zend Framework and the DojoAjax, application development gets done in record time. Zend and Adobe is collaborating to simplify development of the RIAs using Flex by integrating Action Message Format (AMF) int o Zend Framework. Since Zend Studio and Adobe Flex Builder both use Eclipse the developer have a powerful set of capabilities with a unified User experience.

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