Front-End Tutorials (5) HTML tags and document structure

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Tags tag name

An HTML tag and document structure

HTML as a markup language, is a variety of tags to mark the content of the Web page. We learn HTML is mainly to learn HTML tags.

So what is a label?

# 1, in the HTML stipulation label uses the English angle brackets namely ' < ' and ' > ' to wrap up, such as '  # 2. The tags in the HTML are usually paired, divided into the start and end tags, the end tag is more than the start tag a '/', the start tag and the end tag between the contents of the label.  #3, some of the label function is relatively simple, using a label, this label is called the closed and label, such as:<br/> 

tags in html are stored in a text file and are organized according to the following fixed document structure:

<! DOCTYPE html>

Parts of the HTML document structure are explained

# 1, <! DOCTYPE Html> is a document declaration that must be written in the first line of the HTML document, before the  #2,  #3,  #4, the content between <body> and </body> tags is the main content of the page, will eventually appear in the browser. 

Relationship between HTML tags

# 1. Parallel (brother/Peer)     head and Body#2, nested (parent/subordinate)    HTML has body inside
Two HTML tags detailed syntax and attention points

Syntax for Tags:

< Tag Name property 1 = "Value 1" Property 2 = "Value 2" ......> content section </label name >< Label Name Property 1 = "Value 1" Property 2 = "Value 2" ....../>


# 1. HTML tags are not case-sensitive, '  #2. Tags can be nested between them. For example:<div><p> paragraph </p></div>, but not cross <div><p></div></p># 
Tag classification in three HTML

Single from the angle of whether you can embed a sub-label, the label is divided into two categories

# 1, Container class label The     container class tag can be easily understood as a label that can nest all other labels.    Common Container-level tags:     H-Series     ul>li    ol>li    dl>dt+dd    Div # 2. Text class label    Text-level labels correspond to container-level labels, and only text/Picture/hyperlink tags can be nested .    Common text-level tags:    p    span    strong    em    ins    del
Four HTML annotations

No matter what programming language we learn, it is important to note that annotations, which I personally have always regarded as the mother of code. The format of comments in HTML:

<!--here is the content of the note--

Note: You can use carriage return to wrap directly in comments.

And we're used to wrapping up the HTML code with the annotated tag. Such as:

<!--xx Part start     -up here put your XX part of the HTML code <!--XX part End--

Considerations for HTML Annotations:

# 1. HTML annotations do not support nesting.  #2, HTML annotations cannot be written in HTML tags. 

Front-End Tutorials (5) HTML tags and document structure

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