Full Screen background: 15 jquery plugins for full screen background images or media

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Dynamic sites typically take advantage of background images or pre-loading screens to ensure that all resources are loaded onto the page and fully present in the browser. Many websites now flaunt their images as background images full-screen backgrounds, dating back to the old flash site but using their own way to re-layout in HTML resources.

This overview we list 15 best jquery full screen background images for plugins that can help you add your images to your site and make them look amazing in beauty. This plugin creates some gorgeous backgrounds, slideshows, and transitions for your website to make them beautiful animations.

1. Maximage

Maximage 2.0 is a full-screen background slideshow utilizes jquery plugin, full-cycle plugin and its conversion/options. Maximage 2.0 Determines whether your browser can use CSS3 background size: overlay. If it can, it uses a heavy metal that is its limiting amount to move up that jquery man to do. This is the average majority stake, and your users will have a slim and slick experience. This is so important to the big picture

2. Vegas

Las Vegas is a way to motivate the jquery plugin method to create a Web page that backgrounds full screen. The plugin's ability is limited to displaying not a single image, but can also rotate a list of images automatically. It has set the method to define the Slideshow,fade value in the interval and the pre-loaded project. The API helps manually controls the functionality of the function with the method prev-under, press pause playback or jumping-specific image.

3. Fsslider

This is the first resizable full-screen slider of the!!!!!!! It is suitable for any screen! Use a smaller image than the maximum actual resolution??????? Good question ... You can apply a "magician" over the texture slider to avoid any ugly resize pixel images.

4. Bigvideo.js

Bigvideo.js makes it easy to add the appropriate fill background video to the site. It can play a silent environment background video (or series of videos). or use it as a player for the video program playlist .... Bigvideo.js can also display a large background image, which is a good way to perform the method of large background images, there is no auto play video on the environment.

5. Background

The background is a jquery plugin for smooth scale, meta backgrounds filling. A very simple way to add a meta-filled background image.

6. Covervid

Covervid is a jquery plugin that makes your HTML5 video behave like a covered background image. It's too easy to use.

7. backstretch

A simple jquery plugin that allows you to add to a dynamically resize, slideshow-capable background image on any page or elemen.t

8. Fullscreen Background Slider

The plugin uses latest CSS3 to convert your website with some jquery display a very unique full screen Gallery slideshow background. With 36 animation type, 20 + mode and customizable time, it can be a modern and clean tool to create a landing page for the site, including pages or nights coming soon.

9. Particleground

Particleground is a jquery plugin method for snazzy background particle systems. Particleground includes optional parallax effect control via the mouse is a desktop gyroscope device and mobile device. It works on any browser that supports HTML5, canvas ...

Ten. Supersized

Supersized is a jquery plugin that can adjust the picture backgrounds to the right full screen to show them as a slideshow .... OK, extra space or scroll bar occur for the entire browser window is always concrete. The pre-tightening force of the plug-in image and provides a variety of transition effects presented by the calculation. Optional prev-The next concise control allows navigating easier service to provide options that can be easily customized to oversized.


Geometryangle is a jquery plugin to create a unique geometric background design site. Fast frame rate and height can be customized.


Jquery.mb.ytplayer lets you have a chrome-free, customizable YouTube player designed for your favorite movies. It can be used as the background for your HTML page.

Theme Slider

Modern full-screen touch sliders with infinite layers and animations. Many universities have customizable options, including time, location and color controlbar for each slider. Predefined 91-layer position, 650 + font style, 30 + text animations with 10 + 10 layer unique animations and animations + main sliders provide very powerful marketing tools to your site. The main slider transforms the method using latest CSS3 animation with hardware acceleration.


Superslides is a full-screen, hardware-accelerated method of jquery sliders. Method browsers is a CSS support for hardware-accelerated tasks, such as animations, that are processed by the GPU's performance to a large number of mice. Control API See your boot, stop, Animate,destroy and instances sliders. You can get the current under, and the previous slides programmatically. In fact, the sliders use the same API internally ...

. Master Slider

The main slider is an advanced image content and slider with ultra-smooth hardware acceleration conversion. It supports touch navigation with bite gesture swipe and you have no experienced before. It is a true device responsive and friendly slider, which is the perfect main equipment in the whole plant. Hello, Scary is a master slider, slider as well layer, with integrated ability of any HTML content (text, pictures, ...) ) of the cell layer.

Full Screen background: 15 jquery plugins for full screen background images or media

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