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1. What is Zend Guard?
Zend Guard is the first code encryption solution and E-License management solution to protect PHP intellectual property on the PHP market. Zend Guard maximizes the benefits of software by encrypting the original code and restricting the distribution of software that is not licensed.
2. System Requirements for Zend guard
Supported Operating systems:
Linux x86
Windows x86 2000/xp/2003/vista (only 32-bit supported)
Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5
Supported versions of PHP:
4.2.x to 5.2.x
3. The relationship and compatibility between Zend guard and Zend Optimizer
Zend Guard Encrypted PHP source program requires an environment to install Zend Optimizer can run, while Zend Optimizer in the process of encryption can also achieve the role of optimized code.
The following are the correspondence between each Zend Guard version and the Zend Optimizer versions:
Zend Encoder/safeguard 3.1 (HOST ID)-Optimizer 2.5.x
Zend Encoder/safeguard 3.6 (Zend ID)-Optimizer 2.5.2
Zend Guard 4.x (Basic Encoding)-Optimizer 2.6.x
Zend Guard 5.0 (PHP 4, Basic Encoding)-Optimizer 2.6.x
Zend Guard 4.x (full obfuscation)-Optimizer 3.0.x
Zend Guard 5.0 (PHP 4, full obfuscation)-Optimizer 3.0.x
Zend Guard 5.0 (PHP 5, all Encoding)-Optimizer 3.3.x
3. How do I try Zend Guard?
You can download Zend Guard's latest 5.0.1 and install a trial from the following page:
Note: The trial version is unlimited, but the encrypted PHP source code expires after 14 days, if you also generate a license file for a program encryption at the same time, the license file expires after 3 days, so for your benefit, we remind you to purchase a formal guard license as soon as possible.
4. How do I install Zend Guard?
There are two ways to install guard: one is to download the Zend guard installation package directly, unzip it and follow the installation Wizard, and install it directly from the network in the process of installing Zend Studio (an IDE in Zend).
5. How to buy Zend Guard?
Users in China buy Zend Guard and can contact Zend China Technical Support Center:
Contact Person: Chen Hong
Tel: (010) 51657885-837
6. What is the Zend ID? How do I generate a Zend ID?
Zend ID is used to bind your machine using Zend Guard, after generating a Zend ID, if you purchased Zend Guard,zend will generate a unique license file corresponding to your Zend ID.
How to generate Zend ID please view:
7. How do I register Zend Guard?
Open Zendguard, a la carte help, select Register, select Serch a license file on my disk, find the path you saved in the Zend_guard.zl of this machine, click Register to register the success.
8. What does the basic encoding and full obfuscation in Zend guard mean?
Zend Guard employs three layers of protection: encryption, obfuscation and license file management, the level of encryption is incremented, encoding refers to the basic file encryption, and obfuscation refers to the file variables, functions, classes, such as the name of the fuzzy processing, You can decide which level of encryption you want to use, depending on your needs.
9. The encrypted file that is running has the following similar error message: "Fatal error:incompatible file Format ..." What is the reason?
This is because the Zend Optimizer version is incompatible with the issue, it is recommended to install the latest Zend Optimizer, the corresponding relationship between versions can be viewed in FAQ question 3.
10. What does the work in Zend guard mean with the encoded files option?
Work single with encoded files is a secure form of encryption that encrypts all the files in your project as a whole, and later, when one of the files is extracted separately or runs concurrently with the encrypted files of other projects, it cannot be run. Unless you are concerned about security, we do not recommend this option when encrypting.

The above describes the Gamesguardnet.dat Zend guard some common questions and answers, including the gamesguardnet.dat aspects of the content, I hope that the PHP tutorial interested in a friend to help.

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