Getting Started with Swift from OC

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Preface: Learn a lot of days and hours of swift, feeling or quite a lot of ~ ~

1, OC is a C language-based language, before learning the basis of C language, so for the ' * ' These pointers are relatively easy to understand. Asked other programmers, the ' * ' pointer in OC is not very understanding, OK. I'm still glad I understand that.

2, Swift ~ about OC Uikit Frame basically unchanged, is the method name simplified a bit. Simple, but it feels pretty good. It may be that Apple is pushing swift, and I'm getting the idea that I don't want to use OC. But before OC write a lot of extension, class method, now use can directly with bridge file, but always feel strange. In the future, it's okay to use Swift to re-knock those OC files again.


1, fast experience. Playground

Create a new playground with some views on it, and you can go directly to the right. It feels easy to do some simple tests, no com+r.

2. Swift constant, variable, condition judgment

3. Swift string

4. Swift Array

5. Swift Dictionary

6. Swift function

7, Swift closure is the block in OC

8. Swift Circular Reference

9. Swift Model Properties

10. Swift Lazy Loading

11, the Swift reflection mechanism, the name space

If this is not understood, then start from the beginning to give up,


Getting Started with Swift from OC

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