"Go" Android error Aapt.exe workaround for stopped working

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When using Eclipse for Android Java programming, sometimes we encounter such a problem: that is no reason to eject Aapt.exe stop work, although the program does not crash, but this hint often pop up is very annoying. Today, Xiao Aapt.exe to teach you how to stop work to solve

Android Exception--aapt.exe has stopped working
When the build project is in Android development, the following exception occurs:
Aapt.exe has stopped working, no other error prompts, this error is usually caused by a resource file or an error in the XML file.

Clean, you can find errors in the console and then resolve them based on the error.

My situation:
[2013-04-20 14:35:50-bigboy] Error in an XML file:aborting build.
It is obvious that there is an error in the XML, but it does not indicate which XML file is wrong, so you need to find it yourself.

Finally found that when defining a property, the name attribute is not added and then it is normal.

<declare-styleable name= "Custominputcontrol" >


1. Direct Close error prompt

2. Click Window--preferences on the Eclipse menu bar

3. Click the small triangle on the left side of the Android menu to open the menu

4. Click Build

5, select silent, determine

6, check your XML file is error, sometimes the lack of attributes can cause this problem, such as the Name property is often forgotten

"Go" Android error Aapt.exe workaround for stopped working

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